3 Gallon Fiddle-leaf Fig

Add a Fiddle Leaf Fig and Transform Your Indoor Space!

  • Beautiful houseplant with loads of character
  • Stunning indoor tropical plant
  • Large shiny leaves with a unique shape
  • This plant cleans your air!

The gorgeous Fiddle Leaf Fig is a popular indoor plant. It adds lovely texture and lively beauty to a room. With its tall, but lush habit this houseplant makes a statement. The Fiddle leaf fig is named for its fiddle-shaped leaves that are shiny and bold. The foliage is definitely the most prominent feature of this truly attractive houseplant.

Key Features

  • A great look for any home.This amazing houseplant can quite literally transform a room.
  • Add color, texture, and life to your home.The fiddle leaf fig adds so much umph to your living space.
  • Air purifying. Plants clean the air.The large leaves of this plant are great filters for air purification and detoxification. They also absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.
  • Low maintenance.Following a few basic tips will keep your fiddle leaf fig happy and healthy.

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Care

Fiddle leaf figs are easy to grow, but there are some things to consider when bringing this plant in your home.

You need a spot with bright, but indirect light. This means you want this plant in a sunny room, but not right at the direct line of sunlight. So, close to a window or glass door, but not right in front of them if the sun shines directly into them. For even growth rotate your plant every so often to keep the growth symmetrical rather than growing toward the sun. Some sources say every couple weeks and others say every 6 months. We recommend about once a month to begin with, but you can certainly observe your own plant to determine what is best for it in your specific location.

Avoid putting the fiddle leaf fig plant close to drafts of any kind. This includes drafts from a window, door, or vent.

Don’t forget to water, but don’t overwater either. This plant likes good drainage and is fairly drought tolerant. So the best way to water this plant is by watering deeply when the soil is dry. This will vary, so just monitor the moisture level by putting your finger into the soil about 2 inches or so. If it is dry go ahead and water thoroughly.  Do not allow water to sit if you use a saucer.

Humidity is important. Since this is a tropical plant it likes humidity. The average humidity in a home will most likely be fine except for in winter when heat dries the air. We recommend misting your fiddle leaf fig daily in winter to keep the surrounding humidity up.

Dusty leaves. If the leaves of your houseplant become dusty or have water spots, simply wipe them off with a wet cloth. This keeps your plant happy and healthy and looking beautiful.

Potted plants do need fed more often than in ground plants. Feed your plant 2 or 3 times per year with our slow release fertilizer. This keeps your plant healthy, nourished, green, and growing.

Fiddle leaf figs do not require pruning, but spring is a good time especially if you want to shape your bush into a tree.