4-Inch Pink Orchid Garden (Phalenopsis)

4-Inch Pink Orchid Garden


What is 4-Inch Pink Orchid Garden

Want to add a lovely shade of pink to your home? The 4” Pink Orchid Garden will easily add interest and elegance to any entryway, shelf or tablescape. 

This garden comes with 2 pink Phalenopsis Orchids and moss planted into a white dot planter. Low-maintenance and long-blooming, these orchids show off gorgeous pink flowers to brighten up any room or patio.

These orchids bloom for multiple months and can re-bloom with proper care. Thankfully, they require little maintenance to keep them looking lively and lovely!

Plus, this ready-to-go gift plant is perfect for giving to friends and family for birthdays, housewarmings, special occasions, and much more. This orchid couldn’t be more convenient or adorable, making for very little work on the recipient’s end.

Since it’s already potted, all you have to do is unbox and enjoy as this stunning arrangement injects pretty pink hues into your home. 

Ready to add the 4” Pink Orchid Garden to your home or gift it to a loved one?

4-Inch Pink Orchid Garden (Phalenopsis) Phalenopsis

How to Grow and Care for 4-Inch Pink Orchid Garden

4-Inch Pink Orchid Garden (Phalenopsis) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone Indoors


No planting required – simply unbox your Orchid Garden and place it in an area with indirect light (behind curtains or blinds is ideal). We also recommend exposing your Orchid Garden to sunlight gradually, over a period of several weeks, to ensure that it acclimates well to its new environment.


Give your arrangement three ice cubes per week – this slow-drip process allows the water to soak into your plant’s roots slowly.

4-Inch Pink Orchid Garden (Phalenopsis) Details

Common name 4-Inch Pink Orchid Garden
Botanical name Phalenopsis
Plant type House Plants
Hardiness zone Indoors
Growth rate Medium
Height 6-12 in.
Width 4 in.