Abbotswood Potentilla (Potentilla fruticosa ‘Abbotswood’)

Abbotswood Potentilla

Get an American native cultivar smothered in sweet white flowers! As a gardener, you know that there is that gap in your landscape right between the fade of the spring flowers and the flush of summer blossoms where things just aren’t blooming. That is exactly when the Abbotswood Potentilla bush (Potentilla fruticosa ‘Abbotswood’) absolutely covers itself in white blossoms!

It often looks like a mound of snow from a distance it is so white! After this big show, Abbotswood blooms consistently (though not as prolifically) for the rest of the summer until frost. Much to the delight of every local bee and butterfly in the area!

Potentilla (known to your Grandma as a Cinquefoil) is a shrub that has been in America since before America was the good ol’ U.S. of A.! The native forms have yellow flowers, but the Abbotswood Potentilla is covered in glowing, single, white flowers that give tell to their Rose family connections. The blue-green leaves are finely textured and pinnate, sometimes with a lighter underside for a two-tone effect.

Thriving from chilly USDA growing zone 2 to 7, these little low-maintenance shrubs even can display some fall color followed by their deciduous leaves dropping to expose the exfoliating bark throughout winter.

Planting and Application:

Wonderfully adaptable and versatile little shrubs growing 2-3 feet tall and wide, Abbotswood is fantastic for xeric locations in your sun landscape! Plant it in your hot Rock Garden, along sunny pathways and walkways, or as a low hedge dividing your property from the sidewalk or even that hell strip along the road if you want. It will show off either way! Their salt tolerance means they can take it, so go ahead and line your driveway with mounds of snow.

Maybe you have a hot south-facing slope or embankment that is hard to mow. Mulch the area and mass in a group of Potentilla for an easy ground cover for you. Because it tolerates urban conditions, use this in commercial settings. This is an outstanding plant to use in mass plantings, in rows as edging, or as facer plants to hide ‘leggy’ bare shrub stems! The white blooms absolutely set off darker evergreens along your home’s foundation or a hedge!

Everyone has one of those spots in the garden that is hot and dry, and nothing seems to do very well. That is where Potentilla comes into play. Potentilla becomes the workhorse of your landscape. Great for xeric-scaping and fire-wise landscapes alike!

Sunny Pollinator borders, Cut Flower gardens, backdrops to Rose gardens, or charming Cottage borders, the Abbotswood Potentilla will fit right in! Even porch and patio planters and container gardens are suitable for these rugged beauties!

  • Bright Sunny Yellow 5-Petalled Blooms
  • Fine-Textured Fluffy Foliage
  • Incredibly Cold-Hardy & Adaptable
  • Xeric & Fire-Wise & Pollinator Gardens!
  • Low-Growing Hedges, Borders, Accents & Pollinator Gardens

Tips for Care:

Potentillas are low-maintenance natives of North America and the Abbotswood cultivars also display the same hardiness and adaptability! They thrive in just about any soil from southern Canada to Northern Texas. This family of shrubs have survived here for so long because they are super hardy, flower prolifically, cold-hardy, and are disease and pest resistant to the max!

They do best in full sun and moist, well-drained soil and love sunny, exposed areas but Abbotswood can also tolerate partial shade – especially loving morning sun with afternoon shade. Provide regular moisture during their first growing season and supplemental moisture throughout their first summer. A touch of fertilizer and a 3-4 inch thick layer of mulch around the plant’s roots will give them insulation and support.

Potentillas are best pruned in late winter to control size and shape. Pruning is simple and may only have to be done every other year or so. Once the plants have been in place for a few years or more, perform a renewal pruning every 3-5 years, simply remove the tallest and thickest stems out right to the ground leaving the thinner stems in place to flower profusely.

  • The Most Blooms in Full Sun
  • Highly Adaptable to any Well-Drained Soil
  • Moderate to Low Moisture Needs Once Established
  • Prune Late Winter To Shape
  • Remarkably Easy to Grow
  • Incredibly Cold-Hardy & Versatile

Buy Abbotswood Potentilla for the amazing snowy clouds of flowers, but love it for its super easy care!

Abbotswood Potentilla (Potentilla fruticosa ‘Abbotswood’) Details

Common name Abbotswood Potentilla
Botanical name Potentilla fruticosa 'Abbotswood'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 2-7
Growth rate Slow
Height 2 - 3 ft.
Width 2 - 3 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture Medium to Low Once Established
Soil condition Widely Adaptable
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Late Winter
Flower color White