Abracadabra Star Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla ABRACADABRA ‘Horabstra’)

Abracadabra Star Hydrangea

Everyone needs a touch of magic in their summer garden. Abracadabra® Star Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla ABRACADABRA ‘Horabstra’) provides that for you in spades. Soft, pink and white, bi-color flowers pop out of black wand-shaped stems, just like a magician’s trick. As the flowers age, they turn a deep hot pink (or a bit more lavender to blue depending on your soil’s pH!). These blooms look incredible against the dark green foliage and are highlighted on strong black stems.

Abracadabra® Star’s black and pink combo puts on quite a show in your mixed border. It also shines as a standout specimen plant, whether in a container on your patio or in your garden with other shade lovers around its feet. Looking like tiny pink and white pearls that magically erupt into huge petals that overlap, forming from the outside in! It’s incredible how these tiny buds have all those petals hiding in them. You could say that it’s almost – magic!

Hydrangeas are one of a select few landscape shrubs that also provide you with a bounty of cut flowers all summer long in the shade! Collect an armful of lovely bouquets of fresh or dried floral arrangements. One of the best things about these Bigleaf Hydrangeas is that they bloom on both old and new wood! Soil pH affects the flower color – so you can change the flowers from royal blue to hot pink – you’re choice! For blue flowers, the soil must be more acidic and for pink flowers, your soil must lean toward alkaline.

Planting and Application:

Even without flowers, the unique black stems give this shrub a ‘wow’ factor in your garden! Growing into a round 3-4 foot mound of dense green toothy foliage that makes a great hedge or privacy screen that also pops with brightly colored lacecap flowers with big fluffy petals! Use as backdrops to any flower or cottage garden, or among other flowering shrubs to brighten mixed-shrub borders!

These smaller shrubs do something other Hydrangea usually cannot – they hold up to some shade better than their cousins! Most Hydrangeas need full sun to grow strong stems, so growing them in part shade sometimes means weaker stems and smaller blooms, but Abracadabra® Star works its magic in the shade garden, in the dappled shade beneath larger trees or shrubs, or along that shaded side of your home’s foundation.

  • Gorgeous Reblooming Lacecap Flowers
  • Great For Cutting Or Drying
  • Truly Unique Black Stems
  • Standout Shape & Color In Shade!
  • Hedges, Screening, Specimen & Backdrop

Tips for Care:

Plant Bigleaf Hydrangeas in full sun to partial shade, especially appreciating shade in the hottest of the USDA hardiness zones 5 through 9. It is best to plant Abracadabra® Star in well-drained but moist soil, providing supplemental moisture during extreme heat and during drought. You’ll want to prune right after the summer bloom season is done because it sets bud in the fall on old wood.

  • Full Sun & Partial Shade
  • Moderate Moisture
  • Most Organic Well-Drained Soil
  • pH-Dependent Blooms
  • Prune Bigleaf Hydrangea After Flowering

Featuring fine texture and space-saving size, the Abracadabra® Star Hydrangea will add the magic touch to your garden! Trust us – your neighbors will want to know what this plant is and where you got it! Don’t let them beat you to it!

Abracadabra Star Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla ABRACADABRA ‘Horabstra’) Details

Common name Abracadabra Star Hydrangea
Botanical name Hydrangea macrophylla ABRACADABRA 'Horabstra'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 5-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 3 - 4 ft.
Width 3 - 4 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Widely Adaptable
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Flowering
Flower color Pink or Blue