All-in-One Almond (Prunus dulcis ‘All-In-One’)

All-in-One Almond

  • Beautiful Pink & White Flowers
  • Early Spring Bloom
  • Compact Tree
  • Fine-Texture Foliage
  • Heavy Producer
  • Self-Fruitful
  • Highly Adaptable
  • Full Sun for Best Results
  • Snacking, Baking & Desserts
  • Ornamental & Useful in Home Landscapes
  • 500 Chill Hours

Grow your own Almonds and reap the healthy rewards! The All-in-One Almond (Prunus dulcis) is native to the Middle East and South Asia. It is considered to be one of the earliest domesticated tree nuts. It will provide you with the amazing benefits of health-enhancing almonds for years to come.

This Almond tree is a fast-growing variety that dresses itself in a spectacular flowering spring display. Hundreds of pinkish, apple blossom-like flowers cover the Almond as the warmer weather approaches.

Throughout the year the Almond’s open, spreading canopy will provide a Mediterranean accent to your landscape. Autumn brings a plethora of teardrop-shaped nuts, ready for harvesting.

Your All-in-One Almond is a late bloomer, so you won’t have to worry about spring frosts hurting its production. This is a self-pollinating variety that requires no cross-pollination from other trees, making it a wonderful space saver for smaller properties.

You’ll know your Almonds are ready when you see the hull splitting open. Known to be a heavy producer, you’ll have enough kernels to last you for the rest of the year! These deciduous trees will provide you and your family with a multitude of medium to large sweet Almonds as early as September!

Use these delectable, healthy nuggets in all your favorite recipes, gift-giving and snacks! Press your own almond oil or roast these gems, grind into your own almond flour, or make your own almond milk! The possibilities are endless!

How to Use All-in-One Almond Tree In The Landscape

The All-in-One Almond also has a rich cultural history. It has been praised for centuries for its many uses for everything from beauty creams to folk cures. It’s no mystery why Almond trees have been highly treasured since ancient times!

One of these medium-sized trees will lend its ancient beauty to your landscape as well! The lovely pink and white blossoms with dark pink centers and a spray of yellow stamen attract all the pollinators to your garden! This tree will become a crown jewel in your garden each spring!

Reaching 15 feet tall without pruning, you can maintain these as a much smaller sized tree with yearly pruning. Its versatile nature makes it ideal for your garden location where a pruned, low-growing tree would be aesthetically pleasing, providing an excellent accent to your garage or outbuilding.

Ripening in autumn, the fuzzy covers of the fruit are soft green and add a unique texture element to the long, thin foliage that gives this entire tree a very fine-textured, light and airy feel to your landscape!

Small enough to tuck into any front garden landscaping or an existing orchard. Use these lovely trees to shade garden beds or your patio and seating areas, while also providing great screening and privacy when planted along your property edges.

The fuzzy pods split and reveal your decadent harvest in autumn, revealing the soft-shelled, sweet Almonds that are fantastic for all your snacking and baking needs!

All-in-One is the #1 almond for home orchards! This one will certainly make an outstanding addition to both your life and landscape.

Tips For Care

Fruit and nut trees require full sun to flower their best, and the All-in-One Almond is no exception. Provide a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight per day when selecting a site for your tree. Favor the morning sun so your leaves dry quickly.

Almonds are highly adaptable trees and tolerate a wide range of conditions. Growing in USDA zones 5 through 9, and provide an enriched, well-drained soil that will not ever become soggy after heavy rain.

Preferring consistently moist to average soil, be sure to give your tree supplemental watering as needed throughout the growing season. A generous layer of mulch helps hold in more moisture, regulates moisture levels as well as insulates the root system from both heat and chill.

Accustomed to Mediterranean climates, these trees are very drought tolerant once established, these hardy trees thrive in a wide variety of climates and conditions throughout the US.

Prune when dormant in the winter to remove crossing, damaged, or diseased limbs. Be sure to keep an open canopy so both sunlight and airflow can reach the inside of the tree.

Harvest your Almonds by laying out a tarp and gentle shaking or tapping the branches. Once ripe, these kernels will drop readily from their hulls and be collected for drying and storing. Keep your harvest in a cool dry place.

All-in-One Almond (Prunus dulcis ‘All-In-One’) Details

Common name All-in-One Almond
Botanical name Prunus dulcis 'All-In-One'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 5-9
Growth rate Medium
Harvest time 3 - 5 years
Height 14 - 16 ft.
Width 8 - 10 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Widely Adaptable
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time When Dormant
Flower color Pink
Leaf color Light Green