Amber Queen Barrenwort (Epimedium x ‘Amber Queen’)

Amber Queen Barrenwort

  • Unusual Yellow and Orange Flowers
  • Jesters-Hat Spurred Blooms
  • Yellow Spider-Like Flowers with Orangey Red Highlights!
  • Long Heart-Shaped Leaves
  • Mottled Green Foliage With Red Blush
  • Very Long-Bloom Time
  • Easy Care & Low Maintenance
  • Dry Shade Tolerant!
  • Full Shade and Part Shade
  • Semi-Evergreen
  • Rocky, Dry Soil Tolerant
  • Deer & Rabbit Resistant
  • Drought Tolerant!

So unique and whimsical, the Amber Queen Barrenwort (Epimedium ‘Amber Queen’ PP17197) has the most unusual and airy, delicate-looking flowers!

Featuring bright-yellow blooms with upturned spurs and orangy-red centers, Barrenworts look like fancy Jesters Hats dangling in long clusters high above the lovely mottled, pointed foliage!

The long sprays of flowers fill out the entire arching stem, reaching almost 2 feet long. Blooming in mid to late spring, the bright yellow spurs with orange-red centers act as both stand-out specimens and delicate fillers throughout the garden.

Bright green leaves have a red tinge at the base of the plant and emerge a burgundy-red in spring before maturing to a bright, spring green with some light burgundy mottling. This combination really lights up the shady parts of your garden big time!

An eclectic-looking plant, you can rest assured that no one else on your block will have this plant!

How to Use Amber Queen Barrenwort In The Landscape

Reaching about 2 feet tall, these unusual plants are an airy and delicate feature to add to your beds and borders. The whimsical look of the plant lends itself perfectly in either formal or informal settings.

Asian-inspired and eclectic garden designs welcome this peculiar plant as it brightens your shady areas with curious texture! This dazzlingly unique Epimedium romps throughout the mixed-shrub garden and informal borders with joy and merriment!

Tolerating dry, rocky soil, Amber Queen frolics through your rock gardens and in those shaded waste areas with ease. Cottage gardens are given a magical air with a few of these intriguing plants interspersed!

Amber Queen is a unique woodland shade and accent plant. Plus, their love for shade makes Barrenwort graceful underplantings to your larger trees and shrubs. There they can bask in the provided shade and hide leggy stems in return as ground cover!

The long stems and quirky blooms are naturals for the cutting garden and are a fantastic cut flower to jazz up your bouquets and floral arrangements!

Plant en masse for erosion control that will have the entire neighborhood talking! Amber Queen is a tough groundcover where grass has trouble growing in the shade.

The yellow spider-like flowers tipped with orange add so much curiosity to your containers on shady patios for a conversation piece that will add whimsy to your entertaining areas!

Tips For Care

Amber Queen merrily thrives in growing zones 5 through 8 where it shows to be semi-evergreen to fully evergreen.

Preferring well-drained soil, that is organic and fertile, Barrenwort does best in humus-rich part shade locations. In warmer climates, they do better in full shade locations that have consistent moisture.

Once established, Amber Queen is drought tolerant to some extent and even does well in dry shade as long as supplemental watering is provided during extended periods.

A generous layer of mulch helps retain soil moisture as well as insulate the root system from heat and chill. Barrenwort also appreciates some protection from cold, drying northern winds in winter to prevent leaf burn.

Prune back in late winter to tidy up the plant and give it a fresh look each year otherwise, Amber Queen is very low maintenance and low-care! Pest and disease-free, Barrenwort are also nearly deer and rabbit proof!

Plant your own festivities in your garden with a quirky Amber Queen Barrenwort and have the most unique garden on the block!

Amber Queen Barrenwort (Epimedium x ‘Amber Queen’) Details

Common name Amber Queen Barrenwort
Botanical name Epimedium x 'Amber Queen'
Plant type Perennial
Hardiness zone 5-8
Growth rate Slow
Height 24 inches
Width 2 - 3 ft.
Sunlight Full Shade, Partial Shade
Moisture Low Once Established
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Orange, Yellow