Arctic Frost Satsuma

The Arctic Frost Satsuma tree can withstand short-term temperatures as low as 9 degrees according to the Texas A and M Research and Extension Center. This cold-hardy citrus tree grows successfully in zones 8 to 11 in the ground. It can also be grown as a patio plant in any USDA growing zone. The cold tolerance of this tree gives growers in colder growing zones some extra padding time for getting this tree protected during winter.

You would think that this exciting feature of the Arctic Frost Satsuma Mandarin tree would translate to poor quality fruit. But fortunately for those of us that love growing citrus outside of its rightful growing regions, Arctic Frost mandarins are delicious. They also have few or no seeds and easy to peel skin! Moreover, these small fruit trees are beautiful. The glossy green leaves are evergreen. The pretty flowers are fabulously fragrant and the growing fruit adds a great look to your landscape or indoor living space.