Arctic Glo Nectarine Tree (Prunus persica var. nucipersica ‘Arctic Glo’)

Arctic Glo Nectarine Tree

The Arctic Glo Nectarine (Prunus persica var nucipersica ‘Arctic Glo’) bursts with delicious peach flavor without the fuzz. Introduced in California during the 1990s, and this amazing tree will become one of your favorites! Bite into Arctic Glo’s orange-red-ruby skin at first picking – it is almost crunchy! But its white flesh softens and sweetens as it sits after picking.

With a good balance of sugar and acid, this semi-freestone is jam-packed with flavor! Eat the fruit fresh all you want, and you’ll still have plenty left over for pies, jam, shakes, and smoothies! Plus more to freeze or can for delicious treats later!

Arctic Glo is a highly ornamental beauty! In spring it’s covered with fragrant, fluffy pink and white blossoms which draw bees, butterflies and hummingbirds from all around!

How to Use Arctic Glo Nectarine Tree In The Landscape

This self-pollinating variety produces bushels of fruit but produces more when it has a partner Nectarine. Tuck into an existing home orchard or try high-density planting if you don’t have room for two trees!

Great for casting shade over patios and seating areas, or as a fantastic ornamental specimen tree in your front landscaping! Arctic Glo becomes a small to medium-sized tree. This hardy variety will produce a wonderful crop year after year, starting at an early age.

  • Smooth Orangey-Ruby Red Skinned Fruit & White Flesh
  • Firm, Crisp & Sweet Flavor
  • Fluffy Pink & White Blossoms for Pollinators
  • Semi-Freestone Self-Fruitful
  • Pies, Preserves & Freezing

Tips For Care

This hardy variety does well in cold weather. Perfectly suited to growing zones 5-9, provide a full sun site for the most blooms and best fruit! Fruit trees prefer soil that is moist but well-drained, and organically enriched. Water young trees once a week, and more during the growing season. Provide plenty of mulch over the root zone to increase moisture retention and also insulate the roots from heat and cold.

  • Full Sun & Moderate Consistent Moisture
  • Mid-Season Harvest
  • Bears Fruit at an Early Age
  • Visit our Garden Blog for more Fruit Tree Planting, Pruning & Information!
  • 400-500 Chill Hours

The sooner you add an Arctic Glo Nectarine Tree to your cart, the sooner you will be enjoying its sweet juice dribbling down your chin!

Arctic Glo Nectarine Tree (Prunus persica var. nucipersica ‘Arctic Glo’) Details

Common name Arctic Glo Nectarine Tree
Botanical name Prunus persica var. nucipersica 'Arctic Glo'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 5-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 15 - 20 ft.
Width 12 - 15 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Late Winter
Flower color Pink