Arizona Yucca

Zones: 7a to 9b, guessing

Dormancy: Evergreen

Height: 20″ tall

Culture: Sun

Origin: United States

Pot Size: 3.5″ pot (24 fl. oz/0.7 L)


Yucca elata var. verdiensis is somewhat of a mystery yucca that can be found growing on dry, rocky slopes between 1000 and 6000′ elevation in South Central Arizona. Yucca elata var. verdiensis has been rumored to be a natural hybrid between Yucca elata and either Yucca angustissima or Yucca glauca. Yucca elata var. verdiensis forms a symmetrical rosette of hundreds of 1′ long, pencil-thin, blue-green leaves. With great age, it may develop a very short trunk. Mature 2′ wide x 20″ tall clumps are topped with 4′ tall spikes of sparse white flowers. We are please to make this one time offering of a rather rare North American native.