A Must Have for the Shade Garden!

  • Use under shade trees where nothing else will grow
  • Drought and Deer tolerant AND Pest and Disease resistant
  • Add a Unique look to your landscape
  • Sprinkled with golden, fairy dust!

It is almost impossible to find attractive plants that grow in shade! We know! That is why we have added the lovely Gold Dust Aucuba to our inventory! You guys need options, and we are constantly looking for the best plants for all environments!

Sprinkled with golden, fairy dust atop oblong, shiny green leaves, the Gold Dust Aucuba is a real gem for the shade garden. A beautiful, variegated look up close and a lovely blend of yellow-green from a distance, both stand out in the landscape. You will love the great color and unique texture this evergreen shrub adds to your landscape! You have finally found something perfect for under shade trees where nothing else will grow!

The Gold Dust Aucuba is drought tolerant so it won’t even mind your large shade tree stealing most of the water! This plant thrives in the shade, yes, even complete shade! Use in foundation plantings around your home. The Gold Dust Aucuba is the perfect excuse to start a shade garden or add a plant in that shady bare spot where you thought nothing would grow!


Plant in full to part shade, avoiding afternoon sun. Too much sun can cause leaf scorch. The Gold Dust Plant adapts to different soil types as long as they drain well.

This plant grows in warmer zones 7 – 10. However this is an excellent house or patio plant for any zone! When growing in a container, be sure that water is draining well and that you fertilize more often that with a plant in the ground. A balanced, slow release fertilizer should be used 3 or 4 times per year.


Water deeply once or twice weekly when newly planted. Once established this evergreen shrub is very drought tolerant.


Fertilize with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer (like the one we sell) in spring.


You do not need to prune this plant, but the Aucuba tolerates pruning well. Severe pruning should be done in the spring prior to new growth emerging. Minor pruning can be done anytime of the year. This plant is resistant to insects and disease and tolerant of deer, heat, and pollution.

Landscape ideas

The Gold Dust Plant is perfect for adding color, texture and a unique look to any shady spot. Plant under shade trees where nothing else will grow! Lovely in foundation plantings around your home.  Take care to avoid afternoon sun or leaf scorch can result. The Gold Dust Aucuba is the perfect excuse for starting a shade garden. Grow in containers as a house or patio plant.