Austrian Copper Rose (Rosa foetida bicolor)

Austrian Copper Rose

Glowing single blooms of the bi-color Austrian Copper Rose (Rosa foetida bicolor) are cheerful coppery coral-red blossoms with a golden center full of golden anthers! This spreading Shrub Rose fills an area with brilliant blossoms full of pollinators!

Shining in the sun, these brilliant red flowers with yellow undersides can sometimes open all yellow, orangy-red, and everything in between! Butterflies and bees love these blossoms and so will you! The single blooms open fully and give your pollinators easy access to the rich nectar and pollen resources at the golden centers of each bloom! You’ll be visiting the blooms with them to enjoy the licorice scent!

Wonderfully cold-hardy throughout USDA growing zones 3 to 7, this bicolor Landscaping Shrub Rose is grown on its own root, meaning even the harshest winters can kill them back to the ground and each spring they’ll bounce back as good as ever! Forming rounded thickets from underground suckers, Austrian Copper will create politely spreading colonies in the sunny landscape. Then in the fall, after the dark green foliage has fallen away for the year, these deciduous Rose shrubs display bright red Rose Hips for your winter enjoyment!

Planting and Application:

These lightly scented flowers can reach a decent height and width making them perfect for privacy and barrier plantings! Growing fast into an excellent hedge, screening plant, or great plant for naturalizing in open sunny areas for snow fencing.

Full of lush foliage, they’re a pretty sight as they fill an area with wild Rose beauty! Birds adore nesting and foraging in these thicket-forming Rose shrubs. Enjoy brilliant blooms all growing season, then you and your birds will love the Rose hips! Leave them on for winter interest, snip a few for winter décor, or make some preserves or Vitamin C-rich tea!

These thorned barrier shrubs are perfect for creating a beautiful living fence to deter trespassers and thick foliage for screening and to hide eyesores around your property. Cheerful Shrub Roses for the back of the border so their green foliage can highlight your smaller Roses and perennials.

  • Bright Single Blooms in Coppery Orange, Reds & Yellows
  • Large, Suckering & Spreading Rounded Shrub Form
  • Plus Rose Hips For Winter Interest
  • Fragrant Flowers Ideal For Pollinators
  • Fantastic Hedge, Privacy & Thorned Property Division

Tips for Care:

Austrian Copper Rose has low water needs once established and tolerates full sun in a wide range of USDA growing zones. Plant in a site that has excellent drainage in about any kind of soil. Roses prefer ample moisture throughout the growing season, but Austrian Copper is a low water usage shrub once it has become established.

Flowers are produced in late spring or early summer on last year’s growth so don’t prune them in spring or you will remove the flowers. Instead, prune after flowers fade for a clean appearance and renewed growth. Renewal prune out the thickest, oldest stems leaving the thinner stems in place for best bloom and keeping the more natural form. Can be kept narrower by not allowing the plant to spread out.

  • Full Sun Rose
  • Moderate Moisture Needs
  • Survives Harsh Conditions & Climates
  • Appreciates Enriched, Well-Drained Soil
  • Low-Maintenance Rose
  • Prune After Flowering

Resilient and adaptable, the Austrian Copper Rose bush will dazzle in your landscape this year!

Austrian Copper Rose (Rosa foetida bicolor) Details

Common name Austrian Copper Rose
Botanical name Rosa foetida bicolor
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 3-7
Growth rate Medium
Harvest time Red Rose Hips
Height 6 - 8 ft.
Width 6 - 12 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Flowering
Flower color Red, Yellow & Coppery Orange