Autumn Sunset Climbing Rose (Rosa ‘Autumn Sunset’)

Autumn Sunset Climbing Rose

Tough, rugged, disease resistant. Easy care and winter hardy! No, we’re not talking about a utility truck, it’s the Autumn Sunset® Climbing Rose! The easy-breezy Autumn Sunset® (Rosa ‘Autumn Sunset’) Climbing Rose brings beauty, fragrance, and strength to home landscapes. This selection is a real win-win-win to meet the demands of modern families!

Autumn Sunset® blooms its head off from summer through fall, and in wonderfully yummy pale and creamy buttery yellow to apricot-gold petals play nicely with other colors in the garden! The fruity fragrance is also delightful! The vertical and strong canes hold the blooms aloft for easier nose and eye enjoyment! Enjoy the blooms in your garden, or cut them for incredible floral arrangements indoors! Plus attracting every bee, butterfly, and a few curious hummingbirds as well!

It’s a compact Climbing Roses and stays within bounds – only reaching 5-7 feet in height and spreading 4-5 feet wide. The blooms are a large and decorative double that is produced in large, impactful clusters. Each blossom has between 20 – 25 petals, so it’s an open and informal feel. This is an easy-care modern Climbing Rose and highly resistant to black spot and winter chill throughout USDA growing zones 5 to 10.

Planting and Application:

There is a place in just about every garden for a space-saving Climbing Rose! Train it over a sturdy trellis and hide those recycling bins! Use in a sunny side yard to beautifully increase privacy. You’ll appreciate how fast it grows, how quickly it hides eyesores, and how fast you’ll enjoy shade and privacy around your seating areas and garden benches!

Drape Autumn Sunset® over your front door, porch or sun-drenched patio, or add curb appeal by training one over your boring garage. Even container gardeners, balconies, and areas with no actual yard can still enjoy this smaller Climbing Rose selection! Just pot them up into a protected planter and give them a trellis, porch column, or arbor to climb on! You’ll have scented bistro breakfasts, private coffee nooks, and shaded poolside seating all growing season-long!

  • Pale Creamy Apricot-Gold Blooms
  • Fast Growing Compact Climbing Rose
  • Wonderfully Fragrant!
  • Pollinators & Cut Flower Friendly!
  • Shade, Specimens, Privacy Screens & Vertical Container Gardening

Tips for Care:

Choose a planting site with full sun and well-drained soil. Give Roses a consistent, even amount of water and regular Rose food to support the abundant bloom production. Add Nature Hills Root Booster to the planting hole to provide a life-long resource, and keep your Rose roots happy with a 3-4 inch thick layer of arborist bark chips.

How to Train Climbing Roses
Pruning should not be done during the first two years, since Climbing Roses need time to build flowering Rose canes.

  1. Select several canes to become the structural foundation of your beautiful Climbing Rose. The structural canes will grow thick for several years before you replace them.
  2. Horizontal branches produce the most flowers, so tie the secondary canes at 90 to 45-degree angles. Use stretchy landscape ties or old pantyhose to loop around the cane and your support.
  3. Prune Roses in early spring to remove any dead or damaged branches. Cut your secondary canes down to 6 – 8 inches above a bud, but keep your structural support canes in place.
  4. Rejuvenate the structural canes every few years. But don’t worry! It blooms on both old and new wood, so you won’t sacrifice blooms if you need to prune it a bit.
  5. Trim the thick old structural canes out at ground level at that time. Then, select a new set of canes to become your structural support.

Every 3-5 years, practice renewal pruning to keep Climbing Rose growing and blooming vigorously. Untie the canes after the first flush of flowers is finished, then prune the oldest, thickest canes out at ground level and retie the young, thin canes.

  • Full Sun
  • Moderate Moisture & Regular Fertility
  • Appreciates Enriched Well-Drained Soil & Mulched Beds
  • Easy to Grow & Train!
  • Prune Early Spring – Blooms On Old & New Wood

Enjoy creamy, buttery-gold, scented blooms without worrying about sacrificing garden space!

Autumn Sunset Climbing Rose (Rosa ‘Autumn Sunset’) Details

Common name Autumn Sunset Climbing Rose
Botanical name Rosa 'Autumn Sunset'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 5-10
Growth rate Medium
Height 5 - 7 ft.
Width 4 - 5 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Yellow, Apricots & Gold