Bella Bluegrass Grass Plugs (Poa pratensis L. ‘Bella Bluegrass’)

Bella Bluegrass Grass Plugs

Bella will grow in full sun or up to 80% shade. It is so economical! Because it is a dwarf plant it grows slow which means less mowing, up to 50 to 80% less.

Bella is a deeply rooted plant so it drought tolerant and requires less watering. It is also disease resistant and heat tolerant!

Bella Bluegrass is a dark, alpine green bluegrass variety that is vegetatively propagated. Bella Bluegrass spreads from rhizomes instead of seeds.

Bella is a quick grower laterally, but has very minimal vertical growth. This will equate to 50-80% less mowing for the end-user yet allows the grass to repair from damage quickly.

Bella bluegrass is a very dark green color and it retains that color all season long. The vegetative growth of this grasses rhizomes will keep your lawn looking solid and flawless.

If planted at 6 inch intervals, each 70 plug tray will cover 17 square feet.

  • Less Mowing
  • Less Watering
  • Long growing season

Bella Bluegrass Grass Plugs (Poa pratensis L. ‘Bella Bluegrass’) Details

Common name Bella Bluegrass Grass Plugs
Botanical name Poa pratensis L. 'Bella Bluegrass'
Hardiness zone 4-8
Growth rate Fast
Height 3 - 4 inches
Width 6 - 8 inches
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Soil condition Moderate
Pollinator-friendly Yes