Beth’s Blue Star Flower (Laurentia ‘Beth’s Blue’)

Beth's Blue Star Flower

Star Flower Beth’s Blue, Laurentia ‘Beth’s Blue’, has star-shaped violet blue flowers on a cushion of medium-green foliage. ‘Beth’s Blue’ intermingles well with other plants to fill in the middle ground of a combination. This plant creates vigorous mats of soft-green foliage strewn with star-shaped, blue flowers.

‘Beth’s Blue’ has petalled steely blue stars that cover a globe shaped plant that will bloom all summer. A great blue, Laurentia is a drought tolerant plant that does best in full sun. It likes to be hot and dry.

Use ‘Beth’s Blue’ in pots, window boxes, landscaping and combinations. The blue flowers don’t show up well from a distance, but are incredible when mixed with pastel colors or in a more striking combination with an orange-colored coleus; deadheading is not necessary!

This plant can be a perennial in zones 9-11. In zones 3-8 it is an annual only.

  • Violet blue flowers
  • Soft green foliage
  • Blooms all summer

Beth’s Blue Star Flower (Laurentia ‘Beth’s Blue’) Details

Common name Beth's Blue Star Flower
Botanical name Laurentia 'Beth's Blue'
Hardiness zone 3-11
Height 12 - 14 inches
Width 10 - 14 inches
Sunlight Full Sun
Soil condition Widely adaptable
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Flower color Violet blue
Leaf color Green