Big Smile Tulip (Tulipa ‘Big Smile’)

Big Smile Tulip

  • Single Late
  • Large Yellow Blooms
  • Extremely Tall Stems
  • Great In Containers

Does the name say it all? These bright and buttery tulips are guaranteed to make you and anyone else lucky enough to see them smile. And we’re not just talking about a modest grin. The Big Smile Tulip (Tulipa ‘Big Smile’) produces BIG smiles with its BIG yellow bloom.

As a Single Late, this statuesque tulip erupts with a massive golden bloom in late spring just when everyone else’s tulips have come and gone. And the Big Smile Tulip sure does create a show. These blooms could be mistaken for yellow balloons. Luckily, its strong stem won’t let it topple under all the weight.

Their classic goblet flower shape makes them quite charming, and when the light hits them just right, they look as if they’ve been illuminated from within. As an added bonus to their massive flowers, the Big Smile Tulip has handsome lance-shaped foliage that can ripple along their margins.

Where do you plant such a showy tulip? The Big Smile Tulip will brighten your garden when planted in groups with shorter late-season tulips like the Nightrider or the Esperanto. Use this big buttery beauty as a cut flower to add drama and height to any bouquet. Of course, as a late-bloomer, it’s a great way to extend the tulip season when planted with early and midseason blooms. Just be sure to position it where it’ll receive full sun.

If you want a tulip that is easy to grow and is sure to make an impact, the Big Smile Tulip is an unbeatable group pleaser.

Big Smile Tulip (Tulipa ‘Big Smile’) Details

Common name Big Smile Tulip
Botanical name Tulipa 'Big Smile'
Hardiness zone 3-7
Growth rate Fast
Height 22 - 24 inches
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Flower color Yellow
Leaf color Spring Bulbs