Black Satin Thornless Blackberry (Rubus ‘Black Satin’)

Black Satin Thornless Blackberry


What is Black Satin Thornless Blackberry

Easy to grow and sure to delight, the Black Satin Thornless Blackberry shrub produces delicious, fruitful harvests. Its vines are also thornless, making the nimble fingers (kid and adult alike) that pick them unharmed.

Growing at a moderate to fast pace, it produces ample dark blackberries which you can collect and eat raw, make into jams, or bake into pies. Thriving in the warm conditions of the southern and western United States, an individual mature plant can provide in excess of 10 pounds of berries–enough to feed your family for months to come!

In addition to its tasty, fruit-producing properties, the Black Satin Thornless Blackberry is also notably hardy and low-maintenance. It’s very disease resistant and suitable in high temperatures. Although it prefers full sun, it can also tolerate some shade, and its smaller size means it won’t be overbearing in your yard. Add this bush to walkways, entrances and borders or containers on your patio.

Just imaginesitting at your favorite garden bench eating blackberries you freshly picked. Get one of your own Black Satin Thornless Blackberries today!

Black Satin Thornless Blackberry (Rubus 'Black Satin') Rubus 'Black Satin'

How to Grow and Care for Black Satin Thornless Blackberry

Black Satin Thornless Blackberry (Rubus ‘Black Satin’) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 6-9 outdoors
Harvest time Summer - Fall


Plant your blackberry bush in an area that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. Thornless blackberries prefer full sun but can tolerate shade. Make sure that your bushes aren’t in a low area that could collect standing water, and plant them about 3 feet apart for a hedge.


Blackberries prefer slightly acidic soil but will adapt to your natural soil even if it’s sandy or heavy in clay as long as it’s well-draining. Keep your soil moist, not over saturated. They’ll need at least one inch of water per week.


Early every spring, fertilize your blackberries with a well-balanced fertilizer like formula 10-10-10. White flowers will emerge on your blackberry bush every Spring. Soon after you’ll notice your blackberries growing. They’re not ripe until mid-summer when their skin turns from red to a dark purple to black color.


Canes run on a 2 year cycle. First year canes should be encouraged to take shape along a trellis and only minimally pruned as they will bear fruit in the second year. Thereafter, prune canes that have fruited at the end of the season, being careful not to cut away new ones that have grown in that year (and will bear fruit the subsequent year).


Your blackberries are ready to be harvested when they easily pull away from their stem. This is when they’re ripe and sweet.

Black Satin Thornless Blackberry (Rubus ‘Black Satin’) Details

Common name Black Satin Thornless Blackberry
Botanical name Rubus 'Black Satin'
Plant type Fruit Trees, Bushes
Hardiness zone 6-9 outdoors
Growth rate Medium to Fast
Harvest time Summer - Fall
Height 4-8 ft.
Width 3-5 ft.