Blue By You Salvia (Salvia x ‘Blue By You’)

Blue By You Salvia

Blue By You Salvia (Salvia x ‘Blue By You’) is a deeply-hued royal purplish-blue flowering wand of dramatic color! Featuring the dark spires filled with purple petals that native bees and honeybees adore! The herbal fragrance and dark green mats of textured foliage only add to the delightful effect!

Need more of a reason to love Blue By You? The rich blue flowers bloom up to two weeks earlier than many others in the Salvia family! These easy-to-grow perennials provide upwards-sweeping plants which form loads of bottle-brush wands that last and last! Bespeckled in butterflies and Hummingbirds! Starting in spring, lasting all summer and into the autumn if you religiously deadhead the spent blooms as they fade, you can enjoy color until frost!

Blue By You Salvia are no fussy plants and true to the perennial Salvia family with their wonderful heat and cold tolerance throughout USDA hardiness zones 4 to 9! Creating upright blooming spreading carpets of deep color that grow 20-24 inches in height when in bloom, and spread to a tidy, compact mound 18-24 inches wide!

Planting and Application:

Blue by You will be a new favorite in your perennial borders, pollinator garden, cut flower garden, and container garden plants! The xeric and waterwise nature makes these plants perfect for the Rock Garden and in hot, sun-drenched areas of the landscape and won’t need much in the way of maintenance to keep them spiffy looking and blooming!

Also known as Meadow Sage, the spicy herbal fragrance perfumes your world when you brush past it! Use these tidy plants as edging along paths and walkways, around your seating areas, and planters on porches, back decks, balconies, and patio garden areas! Both in pots or in the ground!

Plant Sage and Salvia around orchards and vegetable gardens to attract more bees to your area for pollination and to act as living mulch! Plant in rows, en masse drifts, and in groupings to maximize all the amazing benefits these hardy plants extend to your landscape!

  • Big Bold Upright Spires of Rich Purplish-Blue
  • Aromatic Textured Mats of Foliage
  • Butterfly, Hummingbird & Bee-Friendly
  • Easy Care & Low Maintenance Perennials
  • Edging, Containers & Planters, Long-Lasting Color

Tips for Care:

A hybrid between Salvia nemorosa and Salvia pratensis, Blue By You has excellent winter hardiness! Salvia are herbaceous perennials that need the full sun to bloom their very best! Grow Salvia in well-drained soil that has moderate, regular moisture their first year, and after they are established can become quite drought tolerant and xeric plants! Deadhead as flowers fade to keep more blooms returning from spring to frost and in late autumn, trim back the mounds of foliage for a clean winter look.

  • Full Sun
  • Moderate Moisture Needs
  • Any Well-Drained Soil
  • Deadhead Often & Prune Late Fall
  • Deer & Rabbit Resistant

Blue By You Salvia gives your landscape the royal touch with easy-care rich purple-blue blooms from spring til frost!

Blue By You Salvia (Salvia x ‘Blue By You’) Details

Common name Blue By You Salvia
Botanical name Salvia x 'Blue By You'
Plant type Perennial
Hardiness zone 4-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 20 - 24 inches
Width 18 - 24 inches
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained Soil
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Flowering
Flower color Blue