Blue Daze Ground Cover

Sizable Blue Blooms Meet Easy Care and Strength

Branching stems for a full, robust silhouette and sizable blue blooms set the Blue Daze Morning Glory apart. The tropical-inspired flowers emerge sporadically throughout the growing season and contrast against unique gray-green foliage for month-to-month visual interest you’ll love.

Plus, its manageable growth rate and easy-to-grow habit make it second to none. The Blue Daze can thrive nearly anywhere, from coastal areas to containers. And it even impresses as flowery groundcover in growing zones 9-11 to add eye-catching flair to bare corners of your landscape.

But our Blue Daze Morning Glory’s best benefit is its history as a proven performer. Because we’ve planted, grown and monitored our Blue Daze with absolute care, you get consistent size, shape and color in your own homescape. We put in the extra work so that you reap the effortless, elegant rewards.

The one-of-a-kind ruffled petals and cool-toned leaves of the Blue Daze are just a click away. This versatile, adaptable and good-looking Morning Glory is in a league of its own.

Planting & Care

1. Planting: Well-drained soil and full sun (around 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day) are important for your Blue Daze to thrive. Once you’ve chosen an area with both, dig a hole that’s approximately 2 or 3 times the width of your plant’s root ball, place the plant, back fill your soil and water to settle the Blue Daze’s roots.

2. Watering: Water your Blue Daze regularly, about once per week or more often during extreme heat. If you’re not sure when to water your Blue, check for soil dryness about 2 to 3 inches down in the surrounding soil. If it’s dry, it’s time to water.

3. Fertilizing: Apply slow-release fertilizer before new growth begins in the spring.

4. Pruning: Remove any spent blooms to encourage more flowering and control any nearby weeds until your Blue Daze is more established.