Blue Spruce Globe

The Humble Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce

  • Bright Blue-Green Needles
  • Full Sun/Part Shade
  • Flat Topped and Densely Branched
  • Deer-resistant and Compact
  • Low Maintenance and Easy to Grow

The Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce is a humble plant that maintains its silvery blue evergreen needles all year round. With color that shines brightest in the summer, it’s still quite a site to see throughout the cold months of winter!.

This flat-topped and densely branched spruce can grow anywhere in your landscape. From a single accent plant in a formal setting to a contrast piece in a garden full of colorful flowers, the Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce will catch your eye anywhere you plant it.

It will polish off your landscape and set a sophisticated tone or bring light to bland areas in your rock garden. The Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce is native to the Rocky Mountains so these hardy plants are a piece of cake to grow!.

This deer-resistant and compact spruce is a low maintenance plant and can grow almost anywhere. In fact, it can grow in the most tedious conditions. This spuce will withstand all-day sun, winter weather, and dry soil making maintenance a breeze.

You’ll see this spruce growing bigger every year.Often, it’ll grow faster in width than length. This allows the plant to fill the space with beautiful blue foliage.

You can’t go wrong with this low maintenance, easy to grow evergreen! Get a tree that’ll exceed expectations ten times out of ten and sharpen up your landscape with a Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce!