Blue Wonder Colorado Spruce Tree (Picea glauca Blue Wonder’)

Blue Wonder Colorado Spruce Tree

  • Simple to grow
  • Stunning year-round blue-gray color
  • Great hedge or windbreak
  • Perfect conical shape without pruning
  • Drought, pest and disease resistant
  • Perfect for containers
  • Sized just right

Blue Wonder’ Spruce Tree (Picea glauca Blue Wonder’) has all of the form, color and style that you love in a classic spruce tree, but in a smaller package that makes it perfect for modern and urban gardens. It actually does the classic evergreen spruce one better by having truly beautiful blue-gray foliage all year. This unique color really stands out in the garden and shines amid other evergreens.

It will fit in just about any garden, no matter what size, because it has a small footprint – it only gets about 6 feet tall and just 3 feet wide. If you have a bigger garden, use them in multiples to make a striking hedgerow or try it as a privacy screen around a swimming pool. If you have a smaller garden, it will add dramatic color and texture without taking up too much valuable space. Blue Wonder even does well in large containers so it can be located (and relocated) around your patio or balcony. For something different, use a pair by your door or garden gate for a show-stopping entryway.

It grows into a natural Christmas tree shape that doesn’t require any pruning. It is very low maintenance and pest free. Blue Wonder is extremely cold hardy, too, so bring on the winter! It will still look great. It handles just about any soil type, even rocky and sandy soil, so put where you need it.

Let Blue Wonder bring new wonder to your garden this year.

Blue Wonder Colorado Spruce Tree (Picea glauca Blue Wonder’) Details

Common name Blue Wonder Colorado Spruce Tree
Botanical name Picea glauca Blue Wonder'
Hardiness zone 2-8
Growth rate Slow
Height 4 - 6 ft.
Width 2 - 3 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Water carefully to establish
Soil condition Well drained soils
Pollinator-friendly No
Leaf color Evergreen