Bluebell Grape Vines (Vitis x ‘Bluebell’)

Bluebell Grape Vines

  • Delightful Blue Grapes
  • Loose Clustering
  • Great for Juice, Jam, or Fresh
  • Easily Trained
  • Sweet Grapes with Soft Skin
  • Excellent for Pergolas
  • Lovely Clusters of Fragrant Flowers

Bluebell Grapes are divinely dark on the vine and heavenly delicious off the vine! These slipskin grapes give you plenty of opportunities to try out the various ways you can enjoy your homegrown crop of sweet and juicy grapes. This reliable variety has been a top choice for home gardeners since its release in 1944 and the Bluebell Grape will surely ring your bell, as well!

This well-rounded grape is beautiful in-fruit, before fruiting, or during winter. This variety began establishing its reputation in 1923 when it was developed at the University of Minnesota. It is now admired for having moderate powdery mildew resistance along with black rot and Botrytis bunch rot resistance.

The Bluebell Grape is an improved hybrid that most resembles the Concord but with a softer, more tender skin. They will be ready to pick toward the end of summer.

Bluebell Grapes are juicy, sweet, and a culinary treat! They are delightful to pop into your mouth on a warm summer day or frozen and popped into a glass of water or lemonade. Want to create your own refreshing drink? These sweet grapes will make your juicing day. With each run through the sieve, you’ll become more and more pleased with your decision to grow these flavorful and robust grapes. If you’re looking for something to bring to a potluck that will truly impress, be sure to bring a carafe of this pink juice. These grapes also make delectable jellies and jams. Need a second dish for the potluck? Bring a charcuterie board with your fresh jam and chilled grapes.

Not sure which recipe is right for your Bluebell Grapes? After just a couple of harvest seasons, you will be gifted with enough grapes to try them all! One of the few ways this variety can’t be used is for wine–but that’s nothing to whine about. You’ll be too busy enjoying your jam, juice, and fresh grapes.

Bluebell Grape clusters are attractive and relatively loose, making cluster thinning unnecessary.

One of our favorite qualities of the Bluebell Grape is its ability to bend, twist, and thicken on your wire, trellis, or arch. There’s nothing more stunning than an old-growth grapevine, and this variety has a remarkable trailing habit that looks even better when pruned and shaped.

This grape variety is impressively cold hardy and can be easily pruned in winter after it goes dormant. The Bluebell is self-pollinating, but you will need several if you’re wanting to establish an old-world appearance or to cover your pergola.

It’s easy to fall for the Bluebell Grape because of its fruit, but it also has lovely little blooms that smell amazing. Your bees will love them and spread the love by pollinating your entire garden. If you want to be extra kind to your local wild creatures, you can leave some grapes for the birds and small furry critters that love them.

How to Use the Bluebell Grape in the Landscape

The Bluebell Grape will happily entwine around your arbor, trellis, or pergola. Not only will they cling and not let go, but you can trim, shape, and train them to comply with a wide variety of structures and shapes. Be sure to add a few hardscaping accents nearby for added interest and to add to the long-standing beauty of your established grapevine.

No homestead is complete without grapevines. The Bluebell is an excellent choice for those with kids since they have thinner skin. Plant yours where the kids can watch them ripen and help harvest them when the time comes.

No homestead is complete without grapevines. The Bluebell is an excellent choice for those with kids since they have thinner skin. Plant yours where the kids can watch them ripen and help harvest them when the time comes.


When it comes to production and health, full sun is best for the Bluebell Grape. Prune and trim your Bluebell Grape after it goes dormant in the winter. Remember to leave some of the new growth for the best fruit production.

Are you looking for a blue ribbon grape that will produce plenty of grapes and add prestige to your garden? The Bluebell Grape will make your day–and year–and decade!

Bluebell Grape Vines (Vitis x ‘Bluebell’) Details

Common name Bluebell Grape Vines
Botanical name Vitis x 'Bluebell'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 4-8
Growth rate Medium
Height 15 - 20 ft.
Width Varies
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Late Winter
Flower color Green, White