Boxwood Hebe

  • White summer flowers
  • Deep green foliage
  • Great in containers

There are many words that you can use to describe the way a plant looks. You can refer to them as ‘airy’, ‘open’ or ‘wild’. ‘Formal’, ‘tight’ or ‘impenetrable’. Boxwood Hebe (Hebe buxifolia) will add another word to that arsenal of descriptors – architectural.

Boxwood Hebe is a stunningly architectural plant. This neat and tidy shrub is covered in stems containing perfectly stacked towers of shiny summer-green leaves. They look like they were constructed by a very precise engineer. They beg to be looked at up-close, which is great since they are such wonderful patio container plants.

In semi-tropical zones 8-10 they are evergreens that will survive easily in a well-drained garden. In all other areas they are best treated as well-behaved annuals that are well worth planting every year or you can overwinter them in a warm greenhouse.

Not only are the little stacks of leaves fascinating to see, but every summer they bloom stacks of small white tubular flowers that are beautiful to look at also.

Like its name implies, you can use Boxwood Hebe as a great alternative to edging shrubs. They also make easy formal containers since they require no clipping to maintain their pretty shape.

Every garden will have a place for this great little plant. It is the perfect foil to many other shrub shapes and flower forms. Then stems also add a unique and eye-catching element to fresh-cut bouquets. Don’t let another summer go by without this plant in your garden!