Burkwood Osmanthus (Osmanthus x burkwoodii)

Burkwood Osmanthus

  • Sophisticated Cultivar
  • Marvelous Broad-Leaved Evergreen Hedge
  • Lush Green, Glossy Leaves
  • Beautiful Privacy All Year-Long
  • Carefree Performance
  • Shear it Formally, Or Grow it Out Naturally
  • Can Be Kept At Any Height
  • Use as Living “Garden Walls”
  • White Flowers are Very Fragrant
  • Great Nectar Source for Hummingbirds and Butterflies
  • Prolific Spring Bloom
  • Plant in Sun or Partial Shade
  • Handles High Heat and Humidity
  • Easy Care
  • High Performer
  • Deer Don’t Prefer the Taste or Texture

The quest for effective screening plants is top of mind for many Americans. Imagine a dense evergreen that looks light and inviting, but blocks out unsightly modern views.

Elegant Burkwood Osmanthus (Osmanthus x burkwoodii) develops into a hard-working garden feature. Use it to bring definition, year-long color and fine texture to your space.

It simply shines in spring. There are so many dangling clusters of white flowers growing at the leaf junctures along each branch; a Burkwood in bloom looks like a beautiful white cloud in spring.

It smells like Heaven! Relish this choice throughout your landscape.

Beneficial pollinators also love the fragrant white flowers, as do butterflies and hummingbirds. These special shrubs with their tubular flowers offer easy access to nectar.

Cut several branches for indoor arrangements. They’ll perfume the whole room with a very fresh, fruity and floral scent.

Plenty of lustrous green foliage is held on well-branched, upright shrubs. The tips of the small leaves are perfectly pointy, and new growth comes on coppery in springtime.

Burkwood is an excellent evergreen choice to use in full sun or partial shade. It’s great used as a hedge, or to create garden rooms.

Keep it tall, or prune it shorter. Let it be “fluffy”, or formally shear it after the flowers are done for the season.

Osmanthus has a well-deserved reputation as a great choice if you live in an area with heavy deer pressure. They really don’t care for the pointed leaves, although you’ll want to use deer repellent spray on planting day.

Use Burkwood Osmanthus whether you want to boost privacy on a residential property, or gain year-round color on a commercial lot. Just place your order for this popular shrub ASAP.

How to Use Burkwood Osmanthus in the Landscape

Create a private sanctuary in your backyard with a long, flowering hedge. Plant three-foot on center, measuring from the center of one to the center of the next.

This is a perfect choice for a “friendly fence” along the property line. Those flowers will make your neighbor smile, too!

Even in small space gardens, a single Burkwood can be placed to create separate garden rooms. This is a proven design technique to help families live large, even on a tiny lot.

For long, narrow yards, place one two-thirds of the length. Keep it centered in the lawn or place it nearer to the edge of the property.

The larger side can become a stylish entertainment area with a gorgeous living backdrop. Turn the smaller side into a private retreat, complete with hammock or chaise.

Add more shrubs to create a fantastic outdoor dining room. You’ll cherish the time spent with friends, laughing under the stars.

No need to worry about nosy parkers peeping in on your pool deck, either. This carefree shrub is a perfect choice for privacy.

Add fall flowers, too. Alternate Burkwood with Gulf Tide Osmanthus for fragrant blooms in spring and fall.

Tips for Care

Durable Burkwood Osmanthus can tolerate sun conditions from blazing full sun to partial shade. It needs at least four hours a day for the best flowering.

Well-drained soil is a must. If you want to run a hedge through a low spot, bring in additional soil to create a planting mound.

Once the plant is established, it can survive periodic drought. However, you’ll protect your investment with a medium amount of supplemental water given on a regular basis.

Apply a layer of mulch to a depth of three inches over the root system. Always pull it away from the stems for good air circulation.

Once the blooms are done, prune to shape or shear. Keep the base wider than the top to ensure plenty of sunlight at the base of Burkwood hedges.

Apply a slow-release evergreen fertilizer formula. Follow the directions on the label.

Burkwood Osmanthus (Osmanthus x burkwoodii) Details

Common name Burkwood Osmanthus
Botanical name Osmanthus x burkwoodii
Plant type Evergreen
Hardiness zone 7-10
Growth rate Medium
Height 8 ft.
Width 6 - 8 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Flowering
Flower color White