Butterfly Magnolia Tree

The Butterfly Magnolia tree is a stunning ornamental tree that showcases yellow blooms… one of the first blooms to appear in the spring!

Here’s why it’s the most desirable centerpiece tree for any yard:

  • Flowers early in the spring
  • Attracts all sorts of wildlife
  • Countless landscape uses
  • Low maintenance and cold hardy

Your new Butterfly Magnolia tree bursts with 4-5 inch vibrant double yellow flowers. Each bloom holds 10 to 15 petals, reminiscent of flitting butterflies. The show doesn’t stop there! Its fragrant blooms reveal eye-popping orange stamens that attract bees, butterflies, and birds. Your early spring will never be the same.

Bred by magnolia expert Phil Savage, the Butterfly Magnolia is a cross between the Cucumber Magnolia and the Yulan Magnolia. This deciduous variety flowers before the foliage appear. The blooms then give way to lush oval-shaped green leaves in the summer. The magnolia’s gorgeous pyramid shape makes it a visual centerpiece for every growing season.

Easy Maintenance

The looks are plentiful, but the maintenance is low. Lightly prune your plant right after the flowering ends to maintain its natural shape. Make sure to place your tree in a wind-protected area with rich well-drained soil. The magnolia thrives in full sun or partial shade. Once your tree is established, you only need to water periodically since it hates wet feet. Feed with an all-purpose organic fertilizer twice a year to ensure the biggest brightest blooms in the spring. Pests and diseases are minimal. Plus, the magnolia is cold hardy down to -20F.

Loved in any Landscape

Your Butterfly Magnolia will be a focal point plant in any garden design. Thanks to its small and forgiving roots, this type of magnolia can be under-planted with luxuriant ground covers and perennials that like partial shade. Use it as part of a hedge planting, a waterside feature, and even at the entrance of a woodland garden. You can even container plant the tree for a patio or walkway spruce-up. Watch neighbors and wildlife alike flock to the magnolia in awe!