Canada Red Chokecherry

Rugged, Gorgeous Canada Red Chokecherry Tree

  • Selection of a Native Accent Tree
  • Four Season Landscape Staple
  • Symmetrically Rounded Canopy
  • Brilliant Foliage Makes Showy Statement
  • Fragrant White Flowers Held on Long Racemes
  • Support for Butterflies, Hummingbirds and Beneficial Pollinators
  • Emerging Green, Leaves Turn Dark Purple in Early Summer
  • Color Holds Well in the Heat
  • Incredible Reddish-Purple Fall Color
  • Tart Cherries Used for Jelly and to Feed Birds
  • Exceptionally Cold Hardy
  • Tolerates Tough Conditions and Poor Soil

Showcase your love for great design with this thoughtful native selection. Gain a colorful landscape accent that is colorful, well-balanced and brings nectar and fruit to support your local ecosystem.

Make your mark with Canada Red Chokecherry (Prunus virginiana ‘Canada Red’). This ornamental tree brings visual interest all year without hassle, fuss or muss.

This is a resource tree for butterflies and birds. From the fragrant spring flowers to the tiny fall fruit…Canada Red Chokecherry is appreciated.

You’ll love the scent and sight of dreamy masses of white blooms in springtime. Held on racemes up to six inches long, this flowering tree will be a welcome nectar source for neighborhood pollinators.

As new green leaves emerge, they quickly develop into an intense purple shade. This color show adds a wonderful dimension to your plantings, no matter where you place it.

All season long, enjoy a deliciously dark foliage display. The finely serrated, ovoid leaves grow densely and cast refreshing shade over an outdoor entertainment area.

As the autumn temperatures dip, the foliage brightens into jewel-toned ruby-red. Small, dark cherries can be harvested for jellies and preserves with additional sweeteners.

Or, you can choose to simply leave them for the birds. You’ll have to race the songbirds for your share, if you are planning to “wildcraft” from your own yard.

This sophisticated choice works equally as well in your front yard as it does in a backyard grouping. Canada Red Chokecherry is a perfect choice to maximize your curb appeal as an anchor in your foundation planting.

Play up the formal upright shape in a lawn or uniform street planting, or add style to mixed plantings. Include a row of these charming deciduous trees on the sunny side of established windbreaks to bring color.

On large properties, you can even use them as large-scale screening plants. Run a series of them along your property line, then face with a mixed shrub border of Red Twigged Dogwood, Lilac and Mock Orange.

Don’t forget smaller evergreen shrubs like Blue Shag Eastern White Pine at their base. Mulch a new planting bed and enjoy the process of garden design with help from our extensive online catalog of beautiful plants.

Even the super-straight trunk and uniform arching structure are attractive. Canada Red Chokeberry is well-knit and looks great in wintertime with a layer of fluffy snow along its branches.

Long-lived and very low maintenance in full sun and well-drained soil, it’s no wonder why urban planners rely on Canada Red Chokecherry in their rigorous, high-profile designs.