Candy Pecan Tree (Carya illinoinensis ‘Candy’)

Candy Pecan Tree

If you are lucky enough to live in a climate that is favorable to Pecan Trees, you will for sure want to add a Candy Pecan Tree (Carya illinoinensis ‘Candy’) to your landscape this year! Perhaps you’ve been concerned that a Pecans would be too much work, take too much time or not add any value to your home? Candy will change your way of thinking!

It is beautiful in the summer providing great shade as it matures! The small leaves give it a well-tended appearance the whole season. The nuts ripen early in the fall, sometimes as early as October. One of the special things about Candy, though, is that it doesn’t take years of maturity for it to produce nuts for you. These trees have been known to start producing as soon as they reach 8 feet tall!

Candy is a reliable producer of loads of Papershell nuts that are easy to crack and give you perfect halves. They are favorites because they produce such high-quality nuts year after year with reliability and consistency!

Planting and Application:

Shade trees are always home value-boosting additions! Save on cooling bills and lawn watering with trees that reduce evaporation and shade your home and garden beds. Long-lived, you’ll have little work to put into it while getting back so much more! Fantastic windbreaks and nut orchards, wildlife are called to these trees in droves for their shelter and food sources.

The nuts are smaller than most, but pack a huge pecan flavor! They are great to eat fresh, but spectacular when you use them in cooking or candies. They make a fruit cake worthwhile and pecan pie divine!

  • Magnificent Shade Tree
  • Flavorful Nuts & Easy to Remove Halves
  • Produces Early & Reliably
  • Loads of Papershell Nuts
  • Candy, Baking & Healthy Snacking

Tips for Care:

Candy is an easy tree to plant and care for and is very resistant to common Pecan Tree diseases. Water well to establish, afterwards, these trees rarely need supplemental water. Occasional fertilizing only and pruning is needed early on when training young trees. Situate your tree in the right location for years of enjoyment!

  • Full Sun
  • Disease Resistant
  • Water Enough To Establish
  • Mulch Large Root System Well
  • Prune When Dormant

Shade, food and wildlife appeal await you when you order the magnificent Candy Pecan Tree!

Candy Pecan Tree (Carya illinoinensis ‘Candy’) Details

Common name Candy Pecan Tree
Botanical name Carya illinoinensis 'Candy'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 6-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 50 - 70 ft.
Width 50 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well-Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time When Dormant
Leaf color Green