Chinese Wild Ginger (Asarum splendens)

Chinese Wild Ginger

  • Deep Dark Green Foliage
  • Silver Streaks, Splotches & Markings
  • Dark Purple Undersides
  • Thickly Growing Groundcover
  • Forms Dense Mounds Fast!
  • Chocolaty Dark Purple Flowers
  • 6″ Heart-Shaped Leaves
  • Deer Resistant
  • Great in Woodland Gardens & Rock Gardens
  • Shade Loving Plant!
  • Moist, Slightly Acidic Soil
  • Semi-Evergreen in Warm Climates
  • Easy To Grow!

Gorgeous carpets of lush foliage always soothe the senses and enliven garden beds the way no amount of plain old mulch can. Quickly filling in around bare tree roots and hiding the legs of shrubs in shady areas with lush greenery!

Chinese Ginger, or also known as Wild Ginger (Asarum splendens), is an ornamental perennial in the tropical Ginger family with uniquely decorative foliage. The heart-shaped leaves feature a generous deep green hue and are streaked and spattered in silver! The undersides of each leaf are a gorgeous purple tone.

You’ve never seen foliage quite like this! Unlike other Wild Gingers that have tiny leaves, the Asarum splendens steps into the spotlight with magnificent foliage and color on a larger scale. The effect is breathtaking up close and head-turning at a distance.

Mounding and spreading quickly via vigorous rhizomatic growth, you’ll be amazed at how they can amplify any garden planting or even add drama to a container!

Early spring also brings unique chocolatey-purple flowers that are cup-shaped are hiding under the dense foliage!

How to Use Chinese Ginger In The Landscape

Plant several Chinese Wild Ginger as a short border or ground covering accent along the edges of your shady garden beds or under the dappled shade of large trees and shrubs.

Let spill gracefully over retaining walls and slopes or allow it to do its thing and ramble around throughout your mixed-shrub borders for wonderful intertexture!

They would also look terrific along a natural area of your property or woodland path, naturalizing themselves happily throughout the year as an underplanting among your perennials, shrubs and under trees.

A fabulous spiller in containers and planters, it quickly forms a thick mat of foliage and drapes over the edges, or fills in the gaps! Addingsultry deep-green shades anywhere!

Tips For Care

Chinese Ginger is deer and rabbit resistant, and very easy to grow! It pretty much takes care of itself.

Hardy to zones 6 through 9, the foliage can remain semi-evergreen in mild winters and overwinters underground in colder climates.

It spreads quite quickly for a Ginger, making it a good investment, covering almost 6 feet per plant! In fact, the Asarum Splendens has been known to develop foot-long rhizomes in one season. Wild Ginger won’t choke out other plants and overpower your garden beds, reaching around a foot tall!

Preferring moist well-drained humus, loamy or sandy soil, Chinese Ginger does need good consistent moisture. Be sure to keep well watered in the heat of summer for the lushest foliage and fastest growth possible.

Requiring the full shade or some dappled sun to maintain that amazingly deep green, these resilient plants are incredibly pest and disease-free! Keep soil pH on the acidic to the neutral side for the best health!

For a truly unique and beautiful groundcover plant, you can’t do better than the Chinese Ginger.

Chinese Wild Ginger (Asarum splendens) Details

Common name Chinese Wild Ginger
Botanical name Asarum splendens
Plant type Perennial
Hardiness zone 6-9
Growth rate Medium
Harvest time Spring - Summer
Height 6 - 8 inches
Width 12 - 24 inches
Sunlight Full Shade, Partial Shade
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Purple Brown