City Sprite Japanese Zelkova (Zelkova serrata ‘JFS-KW1’)

City Sprite Japanese Zelkova

  • Elm-Like Appearance
  • A New Dwarf, Compact and Dense Growing Selection
  • Great for Smaller Yards
  • Strong and Stately
  • Perfect for Compact Yards
  • Drought-Tolerant

The City Sprite® Japanese Zelkova (Zelkova serrata ‘JFS-KW1’) is a bright and dense tree that looks like an elm but in a compact dwarf form. This petite tree offers all the charm of the larger Zelkova varieties but is perfect for versatile landscape uses.

Whether you live in the city or you’re looking for a tree-charm in your yard without devoting a lot of space, the City Sprite Japanese Zelkova is an excellent choice. With a straight trunk and even crown, this charming tree offers a storybook-like appearance. In fact, when young, it has a quaint lollipop form.

The City Sprite has dense bright green foliage that spreads outward with semi-upright branches that form a rounded vase shape. The short distance between leaves makes for a full and verdant sight.

The City Sprite’s leaves are evenly veined with sharply incised edges. When fall arrives, this attractive tree glows golden yellow with rich hints of orange.

This tree is low maintenance but offers formal grace. It is strong with a dense trunk that holds up to wind and snow. It also features outstanding drought tolerance once established. The City Sprite makes a great substitute for the American Elm. It is resistant to Dutch Elm disease and is remarkably hardy.

The City Sprite Japanese Zelkova loves full sun and does well in a wide variety of soils, including compactor dry soils. Use this petite stately tree to flank your driveway or as a small specimen for a patch of cool shade. It makes an excellent choice for height as an anchor in a large foundation planting.

A refreshing take on the Japanese Zelkova, the City Sprite Japanese Zelkova is a compact tree with a lot to offer.

City Sprite Japanese Zelkova (Zelkova serrata ‘JFS-KW1’) Details

Common name City Sprite Japanese Zelkova
Botanical name Zelkova serrata 'JFS-KW1'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 5-8
Growth rate Medium
Height 20 - 24 ft.
Width 15 - 18 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring