Colocasia Black Coral

Outstanding Bold Accent Black Coral Colocasia

  • Intensely Dark Foliage Looks Very Showy
  • Huge, Downturned Leaves Add Sculptural Element
  • Prominent Veins and Textured Surface Look Strong
  • Excellent Backdrop or “Thriller” in Containers
  • Perennial Zones 11 – 7
  • Grow as an Annual in Zones 3 – 6
  • Can Lift and Overwinter Corm
  • Survives Moist Soil for Water’s Edge
  • Grow in Full Sun or Partial Shade

Enjoy this dramatic Elephant Ear’s foliage plant for an incredible display! Showy purple-black leaves emerge from the center and cascade downward.

A single leaf of Black Coral Colocasia (Colocasia esculenta ‘Black Coral’ PP# 23896) can grow to two feet long! And although the coloration is deep and dark…they are glossy jet black and catch available light in partially-shaded areas.

Plant them in damp areas, including along the edge of a water feature. Black Coral Colocasia can also be kept in oversized containers to jazz up a balcony.

The supersized leaves are held on strong stems. With their interesting arrow shape and long stalks, the leaves catch the breeze to bend and sway in an energetic dance.

And although tender Black Coral Colocasia is not hardy in cold winters, it can still be enjoyed further north. Choose to grow it for a single season as an effective annual plant.

Or, gardeners in Zones 3 – 6 can get many years of joy from a single plant. Simply dig and lift the corm each fall, bringing it indoors to overwinter in a cool, dry location and replanting in spring.

Tropical good looks and stunningly easy care requirements make Black Coral Colocasia an excellent choice for a perennial backdrop in Zones 7 – 11. They tolerate wet soils, which is a very useful trait.

Contrast their delicious depth with the bold hues of Cannova® Yellow Canna. Or, place them at the feet of a pale boulder as a focal point in a Zen Garden.