Cyperus Baby Tut (Cyperus ‘Baby Tut’)

Cyperus Baby Tut

Drenched in sweat and desperate for relief from the sun, they saw the crystal clear pool of water shimmering in the heat and sand. Using the last bit of strength left in them they ran to it and dove headlong into the cool water. The pool was shaded by palms and grasses lining the banks. Eventually they paddled to the shore and fell asleep among the reeds. Refreshed as the sun was setting, they decided that this should be more than a resting spot…this should be home.

Make your own backyard an oasis by planting beds of Graceful Grasses Baby Tut Umbrella Grass around your pool or in your pond. Thriving in moist soil – or even planted in standing water – Baby Tut will give a quintessentially exotic look to your landscape. Tall slender reed-like stems hold sprays of green leaves out straight like umbrellas. A much smaller version of the typical cyperus grass, Baby Tut only grows 2 feet tall and wide, which makes it perfect for smaller gardens, water features and even well-watered containers.

If you live somewhere where winter temps never get below 25 degrees, Baby Tut will give you years of pleasure. If you tend toward colder winters, Baby Tut is a great annual that will bring some of the tropics to your home landscape.

Baby Tut is easy to grow and sure to impress.

  • Exotic foliage
  • Full sun
  • Easy care
  • Thrives with wet feet
  • Great in container
  • Zones 3-8 plant can be used as an annual

Cyperus Baby Tut (Cyperus ‘Baby Tut’) Details

Common name Cyperus Baby Tut
Botanical name Cyperus 'Baby Tut'
Hardiness zone 9-11
Height 18 - 24 inches
Width 14 to 20 inches
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture Average
Soil condition Widely adaptable
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Flower color N/A
Leaf color Green