Darrow Blackberry Bush (Rubus ‘Darrow’)

Darrow Blackberry Bush

What do you call blackberries that light up the tastebuds? Smack-berries! Because they smack your tongue with flavor, flavor, flavor! The Darrow Blackberry Bush (Rubus ‘Darrow’) surely produces prolific berries with deep blackberry flavor, heavy crops, and lustrously lovely fruit, good enough to be called smack-berries!

If you’re looking for a Blackberry plant that is worth its weight in berries, then Darrow is waiting for you! This erect, productive, and peppy bush has a heavy bloom of gorgeous white blossoms, which transforms into a huge harvest of unbelievably delicious berries!

Darrow Blackberries are often described as ‘true blackberry flavored’. If you’ve ever found a wild blackberry bush, these live up to the sweet flavor and scent. And these berries are anything but small – each berry is colossal and plump!

Planting and Application:

Of course, a bush full of these mammoth berries makes for a wonderful sight in October when its large berries ripen. Almost equally striking up until harvest season, the Darrow Blackberry is a spectacle of deep black contrasted with lime green, magenta, and red berries. These berries have firm flesh and make a fun garden activity for young gardeners and budding cooks. You can use yours to create deeply hued syrups, smack-berry jelly, blackberry wine, and even Grandma’s berry cobbler.

Use the ornamental Darrow as low hedges, bird-friendly groupings, or let these mid-sized shrubs adorn the corner of a shed or anchor a garden bed. The white flowers are a lovely sight in the spring and attract their fair share of butterflies and hungry bees. The thorns will deter anyone wanting to cross a row of these plants, but birds will nest and gladly take refuge. You may want to cover your shrubs so you’ll have some berries for yourself once the songbirds see them ripening.

  • Bountiful Floricane Harvests in October
  • Gorgeous White Blossoms for Pollinators
  • Mid-Sized Shrubs
  • Rich-Flavored Large Berries
  • Deep Black Coloration

Tips for Care:

Darrow Blackberry plants may be known for their impressive fruit, but their reputation for robust health makes them even more marvelous! They can survive cold winters and resist a wide variety of common diseases.

  • Full Sun
  • Moist, Well-Drained, Organically Enriched Soil
  • Improved Cold Hardiness
  • Prune After Fruiting
  • Mulch Beds Well

Stop searching the internet for the best blackberries! They are right here! Prepare your tastebuds for a smack-berry flavor adventure.

Darrow Blackberry Bush (Rubus ‘Darrow’) Details

Common name Darrow Blackberry Bush
Botanical name Rubus 'Darrow'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 5-8
Growth rate Medium
Harvest time Floricane
Height 3 - 4 ft.
Width 3 - 4 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Fruiting
Flower color White