Don Egolf Chinese Redbud (Cercis chinensis ‘Don Egolf’)

Don Egolf Chinese Redbud

  • Amazing, Award-Winning Form
  • U.S. National Arboretum introduction
  • Erect, Fastigiate Branches Point Nearly Straight Up
  • Very Pronounced Floral Display in Early Spring
  • Bare Branches Covered With Rosy Purple Flowers All the Way to the Ground
  • Long-Lasting Bloom Time
  • Attractive, Dark-Green Leaves are Glossy and Heart-Shaped
  • Upright Branches Give Winter Interest
  • Sterile, No Seed Pods
  • Can Be Sculpted to Fit the Space Perfectly
  • Compact and Easy-Care
  • Displays Excellent Disease Resistance
  • Introduction by the National Arboretum

Have you been a little…underwhelmed by your landscape lately? If things around your place just look static and staid, add this super-exciting ornamental tree.

Showy Don Egolf Chinese Redbud (Cercis chinensis ‘Don Egolf’) features upright branches that reach for the sky. The shape of this tree makes people take a second look.

Consider this “gotta have it” plant either as a tall shrub or small tree. It’s one of the smaller Redbuds and won the coveted Award of Garden presented by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Sterile Don Egolf stays nice, clean and compact in either full sun or partial shade. It won’t produce the typical long Redbud seed pods for winter.

It does, however, produce an incredibly show display of brilliant flowers that last a long time through early and late spring. You’ll look forward to the springtime blooming season all year-long.

The rosy-pink-purple blooms are very pronounced on the bare branches. Best of all, they develop and flower all along their stems and trunk—from the tips, all the way down to the ground!

These outstanding blooms are an early nectar resource to support helpful pollinators. If you are growing food on your property, you’ll thank Don Egolf for the larger harvests.

For summer, Don Egolf puts forth a dense covering of shiny foliage. All leaves are pretty nice, but the high gloss of Don Egolf foliage really outpaces the others. They are heart-shaped, dark green, lustrous and large.

How to Use Don Egolf Chinese Redbud in the Landscape

This tree has a thoroughly modern shape. It makes an outstanding specimen tree next to your front door, or planted at the corner of your home to anchor your foundation plating.

Commercial property owners, take a good, long look at this compact, sterile tree. All eyes will be on your business during spring when you repeat Don Egolf near your entrance.

Create an effective architectural garden feature by planting long, even rows. Create an eye-catching allee with a double row spaced 20 feet apart. Add stone benches and additional rows for an easy, one-of-a-kind landscape treatment on your corporate campus.

Steal this idea for home, too. Create a geometric planting of evenly-spaced Don Egolf and let the kids play hide and seek in and around the trees in a fun “Living Maze” or checkerboard.

Don Egolf is a perfect size to shade a child’s playhouse. Give Rover’s doghouse some cool summertime shade, too. How about an informal grouping of 3 or 5 behind your cozy patio seating area?

With a sturdy trunk, and erect, outward-growing branches, Don Egolf takes a great picture. Use them to make your landscape ready for social media.

Use one front and center in a high-traffic area, or create a destination spot further back on your property as the star of a springtime stroll.

No matter how you use it, you’ll love the bold foliage and sculptural shape that angles out wide from the trunk. Don Egold can even be sculpted for a perfect fit in your landscape.

Site it carefully, studying all angles before placing. Plan for strategic pruning cuts after flowering to tuck these trees into your landscape.

Tips for Care

Don Egolf Chinese Redbud trees do best when planted in well-drained soil that is kept evenly moist. Apply a three-inch layer of mulch over the root system to help keep it cool, but pull it back away from the trunk.

During planting, add a packet of Nature Hills Root Booster, following label directions. Boost your investment with healthy soil. The beneficial ingredients help your tree access water and micronutrients over its lifespan.

Provide a medium amount of water, especially when the tree is young. Water during periods of drought. Afternoon shade is appreciated in the warmest zones.

People across the country are searching for this popular variety.

Don Egolf Chinese Redbud (Cercis chinensis ‘Don Egolf’) Details

Common name Don Egolf Chinese Redbud
Botanical name Cercis chinensis 'Don Egolf'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 6-9
Growth rate Slow
Height 8 - 12 ft.
Width 12 - 15 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Flowering
Flower color Purple, Pink