Doris Day Floribunda Rose (Rosa ‘WEKmajuchi’)

Doris Day Floribunda Rose

Treat yourself and your guests to the appealing, uplifting innocence of Doris Day® Rose (Rosa ‘WEKmajuchi’). You’ll get a kick out of her sunny clusters of bright yellow blooms! Classic Doris Day® Rose is aging very well, thank you very much! She is as fun and friendly as ever, with great genetics and disease resistance.

Yellow Roses make people smile. These days, we need that effervescent, sunshiny hue more than ever! You’ll see how important Doris Day® Roses can become in your life. Talk to her, and notice the developing pointed buds and glamorous blooms. Classy Doris Day® had a multi-million dollar smile and always looked so well put-together. But she had a humble, funny, All-American personality that you couldn’t help but love!

The movie producers call this kind of charm “Box office magic”. Add her namesake Roses to your garden for the same magnetic eye appeal. Each brilliant blossom presents a full, fluffy appearance with up to 55 petals and a 4 to 6-inch diameter. You’ll love the fruity and sweet spice aroma of “America’s Sweetheart”. They match Doris’ favorite color of sunny yellow, and capture her style and charm.

Did you really expect anything less from a Rose named after this fashion icon, singing sensation, and talented actress? Don’t forget to spend time with your Roses in a very rewarding routine. Snip blooms for your vases and cheerful bouquets and enjoy them indoors too!

Held on tall stems with glossy, medium-green foliage, you’ll have plenty of Roses to enjoy over the growing season. Of course, Doris Day® will hold her gold-yellow coloration until the petals drop without fading. Vigorous Doris Day® Rose has an upright, bushy habit. The large blooms are produced in beautiful, rounded clusters at the end of the long stems. Hardy throughout USDA growing zones 6 to 9 and growing 4-5 feet in height and 3-4 feet in width at maturity.

Planting and Application:

Yellow is such an eye-catching color! Repeat Doris Day® Rose at regular intervals in a mulched garden bed. She pops against white, and is a lovely accent for brick and slate gray surfaces. The color embodies cheer and happiness and your pollinators will agree! Run a happy band of color in your foundation plantings and garden borders.

Plant a mass planting in a new lawn garden bed for a beautiful view from your picture window or deck. Try loving Doris Day® as a perky patio focal point. She’ll perform beautifully in oversized garden containers!

Mix them with cute, coordinating perennials with yellow stamens; or against dark purple foliage shrubs and Ornamental Grass. Check out our extensive online catalog to sweeten up your garden with a beautiful presentation by mixing these yellow blooms with pinks, reds and orange, or create a brighter spectacle by planting among white and other yellow flowers! You’ll be so proud of yourself!

Go even bigger by planting Doris Day® Floribunda Rose with her elegant and elevated Rose tree form! Create garden vignettes by skirting these tree Roses with their shrub-form counterparts, or alternate a low hedge with punctuations of these taller Doris Day® Rose trees!

  • Huge, Bright, Sunny-Yellow Blooms
  • Floribunda Rose With 45 – 55 Petals per Bloom
  • Wonderful Strong, Fruity Fragrance
  • Roses Held in Beautiful Rounded Clusters on Vigorous Stems
  • Fade-Resistant Blooms & Great Cut Flower
  • Sized to Fit in All Garden Applications & Great in Planters & Containers

Tips for Care:

Carefully consider where you plant your Doris Day® Rose. They do best in full sun with at least six hours of direct sunlight a day. Roses need well-drained soil that sheds water quickly after a rainfall. This is important because Rose roots don’t tolerate standing water. Add Nature Hills Root Booster to your planting hole for life-long support. The symbiotic ingredients never “wear out”

Dig your planting hole twice as wide as the roots, but no deeper. Only dig deep enough to match the level of the soil your home and in the pot. Water with a consistent schedule for the best flowering. Keep container-grown Roses hydrated!

Apply a three-inch layer of mulch over the roots to keep them nice and cool. Then, pull it back away from directly touching the canes. Feed Doris Day® Roses specialty Rose fertilizer. Check the application rates and timing on the label.

In the fall, please bag and remove all leaf litter. Overwinter in cold zones with a mound of mulch applied in late November. Wait until early spring to prune each of the Rose canes down to 6 – 8 inches. Cut at a 45-degree angle just above a nice, fat bud and remove the winter mulch from the crown.

  • Full Sun Lover
  • Moist Enriched Well-Drained Soil
  • Regular Fertility & Moderate Moisture Needs
  • Prune Early Spring & Deadhead For New Blooms
  • Mulch Very Well
  • Disease & Pest Resistant

Don’t miss your chance to grow Doris Day® Roses.

Doris Day Floribunda Rose (Rosa ‘WEKmajuchi’) Details

Common name Doris Day Floribunda Rose
Botanical name Rosa 'WEKmajuchi'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 6-9
Growth rate Fast
Height 4 - 5 ft.
Width 3 - 4 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained Soil
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Yellow