Double Delight Nectarine Tree (Prunus persica var. neupersica ‘Double Delight’)

Double Delight Nectarine Tree


What is Double Delight Nectarine Tree

Consistently rated as one of the most delicious nectarine varieties available, the Double Delight lives up to its name, delivering flavorful fruit and an eye-catching ornamental favorite that’s easy to grow.

A profusion of double pink blooms transition to dark, red-tinted freestone fruit. These sweet nectarines have an unusually rich flavor, making them ideal for baking and canning or eating fresh off the branches.

Plus, this heavy-bearing tree is self-fertile, meaning you don’t need a ton of space to get a huge home-grown bounty of your own (though more trees mean even more fruit). This low-chill favorite is a prolific producer that bears fruit early, meaning a longer season of harvests.

Your Double Delight Nectarine Tree has been growing in our greenhouse months before shipping so it arrives ready to thrive in your garden, giving you fruit sooner than other varieties.

Plus, you won’t have to deal with high-maintenance care – in fact, you could get nectarines from our larger Double Delight Nectarine Trees as quickly as the first year.

double delight nectarine tree

How to Grow and Care for Double Delight Nectarine Tree

Double Delight Nectarine Tree (Prunus persica var. neupersica ‘Double Delight’) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 5-10 outdoors
Harvest time June - August


Plant your nectarine tree in well-drained soil in a location where it will receive full sun (at least 6-8 hours of sunlight a day). Heavy winds and early frosts can damage the blossoms, so be sure to protect your tree by planting on the sunniest side of a building or your home.

From there, dig a hole twice as wide as the root ball and just as deep. Amend the soil around the hole with compost to ensure the tree has proper drainage.


Keep the soil around the tree moist but not saturated. Watering once a week by leaving a hose at the base of the tree for a few minutes is generally sufficient.


After your tree has been in the ground for six weeks and the danger of frost has passed, apply a well-balanced fertilizer formula, such as 12-12-1


Prune the first two years in order to maintain an open center shape and encourage fruit production. Prune your tree in late winter or early spring using pruning shears and making your cuts at a 45-degree angle.

Double Delight Nectarine Tree (Prunus persica var. neupersica ‘Double Delight’) Details

Common name Double Delight Nectarine Tree
Botanical name Prunus persica var. neupersica 'Double Delight'
Plant type Fruit Trees, Bushes
Hardiness zone 5-10 outdoors
Growth rate Medium
Harvest time June - August
Height 15-18 ft.
Width 12-15 ft.