Double Play Blue Kazoo Spirea (Spiraea media ‘SMSMBK’)

Double Play Blue Kazoo Spirea

  • Sophisticated Foliage Display
  • Showy All Season Long
  • New Leaves Emerge Reddish Pink
  • Dimensional Blue-Green Foliage
  • Features Tones of Red and Purple
  • Large White Blooms from Late Spring to Early Summer
  • Nectar Resource for Butterflies
  • Great Cut Flowers
  • Burgundy Red Fall Color
  • Compact and Rounded
  • Resistant to Powdery Mildew
  • Easy Care
  • Very Cold Hardy
  • Grows in Full Sun or Part Shade
  • Rarely Damaged by Deer

Craving color? Whether you’re installing a wild mix of hot hues or planning a modern monochromatic feature… this compact, rounded shrub really polishes up your planting. Consider Double Play® Blue Kazoo® Spirea (Spiraea media ‘SMSMBK’) as a beautiful frame to present your other plantings in the very best light. You’ll want to study their brilliant foliage all season long.

In spring, the brilliant red new leaves deliver a fiery welcome. The vigorous, multi-branched upright mound of young foliage glows at sunrise and sunset! As spring turns into early summer, the leaves tone into a gorgeous blue-green. Look closely at the rich color and you’ll see hints of pink, red and purple…all on the same branch!

Alluring oversized white blooms are held at the tips of the branches, an irresistible draw for butterflies throughout your neighborhood! They’ll visit these nectar-rich blossoms time and time again, working with each tiny true flower. Snip a few for indoor arrangements. You’ll want to use plenty of the foliage as beautiful filler for your bouquets.

Use this three-season kaleidoscope of color in your Cutting Garden. You’ll adore the deep, subtle colors throughout the growing season.

There is a real richness to these colors. The closer you look, the more complex they get.

Double Play Blue Kazoo Spirea is a designer favorite because it stands alone as a sophisticated selection. It works equally well both at a distance and on closer study.

You’ll love the vibrant fall color, too! Those hard-working leaves deepen once again into a wine-red to boost the ambiance in your autumn landscape.

Rugged, practical Double Play Blue Kazoo Spirea is a little workhorse for your garden. This is an improved cultivar with impeccable manners and many fabulous features in a small size.

Use them in the ground throughout sunny or partial shaded sites in your landscape. Or, keep them in high-end pots for a dynamic display for the patio or balcony.

How to Use Double Play® Blue Kazoo® Spirea in the Landscape

Make the most of the stunning color changes by placing Blue Kazoo in areas with high traffic. You’ll create quite a stir with a long flowering hedge along the edge of your pool deck or patio.

Have fun designing an unforgettable garden feature using several as colorful structure plants. Add their verve to existing plantings, or start fresh with a new mulched planting bed.

Old is new again and beloved classic designs are ripe for rediscovery. If you have a window that looks down on your garden, maximize the experience with a cunning geometric Knot Garden.

We offer so many phenomenal Lavenders. Their scented blue-violet blooms and gray-green foliage would make the perfect contrast to Double Play Blue Kazoo Spirea!

Who said Butterfly Gardens had to look like Cottage Gardens? They can be extraordinarily elegant…all it takes is planning.

Make a statement on a large property by adding a row of Spice Bush and Alice Oakleaf Hydrangea to the north of the design. Then face them with a row of these fetching Spireas in front…placing Groundcover Sedum to fill at the edge.

Grow Milkweed, Liatris and Allium bulbs in deep garden containers to punctuate the mid-ground with their funky forms. Or grow your favorite Boulevard® Clematis on a series of teak obelisks to provide year-round interest.

Fill a wide bare spot with a massed planting of Double Play Blue Kazoo Spirea spaced 18 inches apart. As an extra bonus, it is on the list of plants to use if you need to do firescaping around your house.

If you love the look of Cottage Gardens, these pretty rounded shrubs partner beautifully with Bluebeard or Baptisia. They’ll help your favorite Landscape Shrub Rose shine!

As you can imagine, this versatile choice can be used in many garden applications. It is great in borders, beds and balcony containers.

Tips for Care

Spiraea are a valuable selection from the Proven Winners® team. They field-tested it for performance and resistance to disease. Meet the following requirements for the very best display over many years. This landscape investment deserves Nature Hills Root Booster while planting for symbiotic support that never wears out.

They do well with at least four hours of sunlight a day, with a preference for afternoon shade in the hottest zones. Further north, they’ll do wonderfully well in full sun or part sun. Give them well-drained soil that dries swiftly after a rainfall. You can improve drainage by bringing in additional soil to create a planting mound or raised bed.

Keep these neat, mounded plants hydrated with a consistent watering schedule…especially if you’ll grow them in containers. Mulch helps keep the root system cool, but you’ll need to pull it back away from touching the stems.

Because they flower on last year’s growth, wait to prune this shrub until the flowers finish blooming, then give them a haircut if needed. Or, take advantage of the opportunity and cut yourself a gorgeous indoor bouquet of the crisp white blooms…complete with boughs of cool blue foliage for filler.

Feed them a slow-release fertilizer formula for flowering plants in early spring. Always follow application rates listed on the label, please.

Double Play Blue Kazoo Spirea (Spiraea media ‘SMSMBK’) Details

Common name Double Play Blue Kazoo Spirea
Botanical name Spiraea media 'SMSMBK'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 3-8
Growth rate Medium
Height 2 - 3 ft.
Width 2 - 3 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Flowering
Flower color White