Dracunculus Vulgaris For Sale

Zones: 5b to 8b

Dormancy: Summer, Fall

Height: 36″ tall

Culture: Sun to Light Shade

Origin: Mediterranean Europe

Pot Size: 3.5″ pot (24 fl. oz/0.7 L)

Hold the phone…hold your nose…cover your eyes…the dazzling Dracunculus vulgaris (aka: Viagra lily or dragon arum) is ready to flower. This amorphophallus cousin from the Mediterranean is equally as bizarre but much more winter hardy. After cold weather ends, the 3′ stalk of Dracunculus vulgaris, clothed with only two three-pedate leaves, emerges from the giant bulb and, in late May (NC), is topped with the 18″ flower. Picture a fleshy, purple, ruffled vase, from the center of which emerges a fleshy appendage resembling an upside-down purple carrot…call the botanical artists in your neighborhood for this special treat. Just tell them to hold their noses for the first day.