Drake Elm Tree

With a moderately fast but manageable growth rate, stunning shape and nearly-evergreen foliage, the Drake Elm Tree is a classic shade tree in every way – but with even more benefits. All of these benefits and more make the Drake one-of-a-kind.

Basically, the Drake Elm is beautiful but also wonderfully versatile and adaptable. Whether it’s planted for shade, as a street barrier or simply a specimen focal point, Drake thrives. Especially since it’s tolerant of drought and pollution, meaning you’ll get the promise of green hues in summer, blazing yellows in fall and visually interesting bark in the winter.

But the best part of the Drake Elm Tree? It’s a proven performer, consistent in both size and shape. This coveted tree has been nurtured by certified ornamental horticulturists, so you can be certain of its fine quality. And since it’s been grown and shipped in its existing pot, all roots intact and healthy, it’s ready to perform in your own landscape.

Above all, the Drake Elm Tree is Golden State-grown specifically for California landscapes. What you get is a healthful, happy tree ready to flourish at your home because the work has already been done. It’s the promise of month-to-month visual interest without effort.