Eastern Snowball Viburnum (Viburnum opulus ‘Sterile’)

Eastern Snowball Viburnum

The Eastern Snowball Viburnum (Viburnum opulus ‘Sterile’) is a hardy, deciduous shrub with mammoth Hydrangea-like mophead blooms! Able to reach fairly large sizes quickly, this impressive shrub will command attention in the landscape! The showy flowers will look great in an arrangement and attract butterflies, but will not set messy fruit.

If the wonderfully green leaves and impressive size aren’t enough, just wait for the flowers! Many clusters of large, pure-white snowball-like flowers cover this shrub in late spring. The Eastern Snowball has glossy, bright-green foliage with purplish-reddish overtones showing up in the fall. Seedless/fruitless varieties mean no mess for you!

Hardy throughout chilly USDA growing zones 4 through hot and humid zone 9, these are as adaptable to heat as they are in frigid winters. While sterile, these large-scale shrubs or small trees still offer songbirds and wildlife plenty of nesting cover and shelter, while deer rarely bother with these plants!

Planting and Application:

Use Eastern Snowball as a hedge, in the back of the border or as a screen to hide an eye-sore or block a nosy neighbor’s view! Either as property dividing living fences or to create living walls for outdoor garden rooms! Section off nooks and seating areas throughout your yard for seclusion, tranquility, and privacy! Whether in leaf or in bloom you’ll love the wallpaper decorations of your new living spaces!

Great as a foundation plant or hedge because Eastern Snowball doesn’t mind some pruning! You can even ‘limb up’ these shrubs to create your very own multi-trunk tree-form specimen! Anchor garden beds, the corner of a garden planting, or leave as dense bushes for wind and noise-blocking banks of greenery all growing season! Live in growing zones 6 – 9? Pair Eastern Snowball with the smaller Chinese Snowball for a mix of small and large shrubs and create a unique mixed-shrub hedge!

  • Huge, White Mophead Blooms
  • Sterile So No Messy Fruit
  • Glossy Green Foliage & Fall Color
  • Great Pollinator, Wildlife & Cut Flower Shrub
  • Landscape Versatility, Hedges, Privacy & Trained into Tree-Form

Tips for Care:

This hardy sterile Viburnum selection prefers moist, organic soil and a well-drained site. Full sun to part sun areas of the garden is their favorite and produces the most blooms! If pruning is desired, be sure to prune right after flowering or risk removing some of next year’s blossoms.

  • Easy to Grow in Full Sun or Part Shade
  • Most Well-Drained Soils
  • Provide Mulched Beds & Moderate, Regular Water
  • Prune After Flowering To Deadhead & Shape
  • Sterile Plants Don’t Produce Seed
  • Deer Don’t Prefer The Taste & Juglone Resistant

Choose the highly adaptable Eastern Snowball Viburnum for seedless and fruitless beauty all growing season long!

Eastern Snowball Viburnum (Viburnum opulus ‘Sterile’) Details

Common name Eastern Snowball Viburnum
Botanical name Viburnum opulus 'Sterile'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 4-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 8 - 12 ft.
Width 10 - 15 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Average
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Flowering
Flower color White
Leaf color Green