Easy Elegance Calypso Rose (Rosa ‘BAIypso’)

Easy Elegance Calypso Rose

  • Shrub Rose
  • Long-Lasting Flower Power
  • Roses from Spring through First Frost
  • Double Blooms are a Delectable Blend of Apricot and Pink
  • 25 Petals Per Bloom
  • Butterflies Adore the Nectar
  • Perfect Cut Flowers
  • Stays Tight and Compact
  • Healthy, Glossy Green Foliage
  • Excellent Disease Resistance
  • Low Maintenance
  • Cold Hardy Own Root Rose

Let your toes tap, your fingers snap and your hips sway as you make your way through your garden this season. It’s a joy to grow modern Shrub Roses like Easy Elegance® Calypso Rose (Rosa ‘BAIypso’). Flirt with these fully double blended blooms from late spring through frost.

Each of these incredibly appealing blooms features a unique mix of yummy apricot and strawberry pink hues. They’ll make you smile each time you study them!

Catch their syncopated rhythm with the engaging music of the Islands. With color captured from a sunset…Calypso Rose brings a bold, happy presentation that lifts the look of drab foundation plantings; and adds a happy polish for your Balcony Life!

You’ll want plenty on hand to create abundant, blowsy cut flower arrangements. Place them next to a pitcher of Tequila Sunrise as your signature cocktail at your next get-together.

Their smooth, dreamy color more than earns a place of pride in your garden. You’ll be thrilled with their soft, yet bright, presentation for many years!

Butterflies will come to dance over your Calypso! There aren’t many plants that produce quite so many nectar-rich blooms over such an extended period of time, after all.

They’ll perform beautifully in large outdoor containers, too. Decorate your sunny porch or balcony all the way through late spring, summer and much of fall with one or more Calypso Roses.

And they truly are easy to grow and maintain! The glossy dark green foliage is specifically bred to resist diseases like black spot and powdery mildew without a rigorous schedule of spraying.

Easy Elegance Roses are grown on their own root, which makes them cold hardy. Even in a tough Zone 5 winter, it will grow back true to your beloved Calypso Rose!

We’ll sell out of this enchanting selection. Please hurry to place your order for Calypso Rose today…then grab your steel band and “shak shak” maracas for a great time spent outside with family and friends.

How to Use Easy Elegance® Calypso Rose in the Landscape

Everyone can appreciate these lavish blooms that are kissed with both joie de vivre and a hint of sophistication. Go ahead and accept your accolades from neighbors and garden visitors!

Plant them 18 inches apart for a lovely low hedge. They’ll add structure and help you reimage your space with their incredible color and showy style.

People across the country are grooming their mature foundation plantings. Trim back overgrown evergreens and pop in a happy row of Calypso Roses on the sunny side.

You can also create a narrow planting bed on the other side of your front walk for a delightful entrance. Just plant them three feet from the edge of your sidewalk to avoid snagging clothing.

Include them along the edge of formal Rose garden beds. They’ll also be a wonderfully low-maintenance alternative to annual bedding plants when massed in the center of Boxwood-lined squares and rectangles.

Keep them as “Thrillers” in a series of containers for a lovely display. You’ll have your own Cutting Garden, even at rental properties.

Mix Calypso Roses as an accent in Butterfly Gardens, too. Their glowing hues partner so well with a myriad of other colors…spanning the color wheel from cool-toned Bluebeards to spicy Coneflower and Rudbeckia.

And of course, you won’t be the only one who would appreciate their charming color and easy-breezy care requirements. Why not gift these beauties for Mother’s Day…or simply to show appreciation for a light-hearted loved one.

Tips for Care

Provide Shrub Roses full sun and well-drained soil. Morning sun is best, and they’ll need at least six hours of light per day to produce those beautiful blooms.

Give them good air circulation, pulling containers out a little way from walls. Add Nature Hills Root Booster during planting to create symbiotic support for the tiny feeder roots as they take up micronutrients from the soil.

Provide an even, consistent schedule of water. This is especially important during the flushes of flower production throughout the growing season.

Apply a three-inch layer of mulch, and pull it back away from directly touching the stems. You’ll keep your Roses nice and clean…and their root systems cool and moist with mulch.

In late fall, rake and remove all the fallen foliage from underneath your Calypso. The next year in early spring as they start to wake up, trim the stems to eight inches.

Easy Elegance Calypso Rose (Rosa ‘BAIypso’) Details

Common name Easy Elegance Calypso Rose
Botanical name Rosa 'BAIypso'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 5-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 2 ft.
Width 2 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Apricot Blend