Easy Elegance Champagne Wishes Rose (Rosa ‘BAIcham’)

Easy Elegance Champagne Wishes Rose

  • Shrub Rose
  • Clusters of Soft Apricot Buds
  • Blooms Unfurl into Warm, Antique White
  • Age to Pure White Blooms
  • Up to 30 Petals Per Bloom
  • Nectar Resource for Butterflies
  • Own Root Rose
  • Exceptionally Cold Hardy
  • Superior Disease Resistance

Pop the cork on a new level of sophistication for your landscape. You’ll live the high life with help from Easy Elegance® Champagne Wishes Rose (Rosa ‘BAIcham”).

Clusters of gorgeous apricot-colored buds open to an eye-catching warm white with a hint of blush in the center. The show starts fizzing in late spring, and keeps flowing through the first frost of fall.

As the flushes of flowers develop, the showy mature blooms bubble up into a pristine pure white. You’ll enjoy every stage of this refreshing palette…from bud to finish.

You’ll want to add several and cut armloads for incredible cut flower displays. Add the dark green foliage as a handsome contrast, and you’ll have a high-end look in minutes.

Imagine enjoying years of these delicious flowers on hand…all for the cost of a single florist bouquet. Train your loved one to appreciate you with live Rose bushes from Nature Hills!

The blissfully modern Easy Elegance line of Shrub Roses make it so easy. Disease-resistant foliage and incredible flower power that reblooms through the entire season make Champagne Wishes Rose an outstanding choice.

Rely on the extraordinary performance of these flowering “workhorses”. Yes, we dared to call these spectacular blooms reliable, and over time…you’ll agree with us!

Even beginning gardeners can count on them to deliver an unforgettable finesse. Champagne Wishes Rose is one of those shrubs that can be repeated throughout all your sunny spots.

No wonder garden design professionals buy out our entire yearly inventory at once! They know these delectably effervescent Roses will tie the entire design together, but require only a few moments of maintenance each season.

On a single plant, you’ll relish soft, new fruity-colored buds and a range of brilliant blooms. These lavishly double flowers offer a brilliant range of clarity from blushed parchment and pure white.

Put Champagne Wishes Roses to work as a unique flowering backdrop. Let the colorful butterflies that come to visit add color and motion…they are attracted to the long-lasting flower display as much as you are!

Whether you choose to plant them in the ground, or keep them in oversized garden containers, Champagne Wishes Rose offer a graceful, frothy look but are absolutely tough as nails!

How to Use Easy Elegance® Champagne Wishes Rose in the Landscape

With its delicate spectrum of hues, this variety pairs well with any color. It makes a spicy addition to a pale Moon Garden to glow in the evening hours.

What could be more cheerful than a refined low hedge along your fence? Let your creativity come out to play for an intoxicating sense of personal style!

Alternate with the creamy yellow blooms of Easy Elegance Yellow Submarine for a fun look that refuses to be serious. You’ll make people smile with this pairing…and take it to the next level by edging the bed in Sweet Fragrance Rose.

Mix and match these beautiful Roses with our rugged native perennial for a display that knocks your socks off! Steal land from your front lawn, and create a hard-working Butterfly Garden to delight your neighbors.

For a pretty solid hedge, plant them 18 inches apart on center. You’ll measure from the center of one to the center of the next.

Use them to embolden your foundation planting. Expand the bed in a wide curve at the corner of your home; then add a grouping of Champagne Wishes Roses in a zigzagging planting pattern.

There is no way to overdo this choice. Plant responsibly, or just throw caution to the wind…you’ll never regret going “big and bold” with this sophisticated cultivar.

Even a pair of streamlined containers flanking either side of your front door will boost your curb appeal. Tuck in trailing Hyde Hall™ Clematis as “Spillers” around the edge for a polished look.

Tips for Care

Champagne Wishes Rose is one of the easiest selections to grow. Completely unfussy, this classic looking Rose is bred to be super hardy and disease resistant, as well as heat tolerant and cold hardy.

Plant them in a sun-soaked part of your yard. Easy Elegance Roses grow best in full sun and need at least six hours of direct sun a day.

Roses have root systems that won’t tolerate standing water, so their planting site needs well-drained soil. If you see puddles that last after a rainfall, you’ll need to bring in additional soil for a raised bed or planting mound.

Our growers use and recommend Nature Hills Root Booster during planting. This formula never “wears out”…but keeps working to support the tiny feeder roots over the entire life of the plant.

Apply a moderate amount of water on a regular basis, trying to wet the ground and not the foliage or flowers. Add mulch to reduce surface evaporation, but pull it back from directly touching the stems.

Rake and remove fallen foliage in late fall. Cut stems back to eight inches and apply flowering plant fertilizer in early spring as directed by label instructions.

Easy Elegance Champagne Wishes Rose (Rosa ‘BAIcham’) Details

Common name Easy Elegance Champagne Wishes Rose
Botanical name Rosa 'BAIcham'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 4-7
Growth rate Medium
Height 3 - 4 ft.
Width 2 - 3 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color White