Emerald Beaut Plum Tree (Prunus salicina ‘Emerald Beaut’)

Emerald Beaut Plum Tree

  • Beautiful Unique Green Fruit
  • Yellow Blush When Very Ripe
  • Sweet Rich Flavor
  • Green-Orange Crunchy Flesh
  • Long Harvest Period – Ripe Fruit Holds 2 Months on the Tree!
  • Farmer’s Market Favorite
  • Heavy Bearing
  • Late Summer Harvest
  • Pollinators are Santa Rosa, Burbank or Burgundy
  • Clingstone Fruit
  • Late Blooming
  • Fragrant White Blooms
  • Pollinators & Butterflies
  • 600-700 Chill Hours

Featuring striking light green skin and greenish-yellow to orange crunchy flesh, the Emerald Beaut Plum Tree (Prunus salicina ‘Emerald Beaut’) was developed for market and performs like a pro!

Tall, wide-spreading sizeable trees, Emerald Beaut erupts into spring with a fragrant display of white blossoms! The heavy bearing harvests begin late summer, lasting far longer than other stone fruits. They can hang ripe on the tree for two months or more! The ripe fruit continues to sweeten the longer it hangs on the tree, but maintains its crisp, crunchy texture!

Taking on a yellow to orange blush when very ripe, it just doesn’t look like a ripe purple Plum, but oh, does it taste like one! Don’t let the green fool you – this Japanese Plum will simply blow you away with its sweetness!

How to Use Emerald Beaut Plum Tree In The Landscape

These always sell out at local Farmer’s Markets. In blind fruit taste tests, Emerald Beaut outperformed its purple relatives! Can’t you just imagine this great treat growing in your own yard? Use these plums in baking, drying, canning, preserves, and eaten fresh from the tree!

Requiring a pollinator, you’ll double your pleasure by growing Emerald Beaut alongside a delicious Santa Rosa, Burbank or Burgundy Plum Tree. If you don’t have room for a second tree, head over to our Garden Blog for this high-density planting trick!

A highly ornamental flowering tree with fantastic foliage, the blooms attract pollinators galore! Use as specimen plants and shade in both front and back yard settings!

Park your lawn chair beneath the wide limbs and enjoy watching your fruit develop! Or, simply prune smaller as needed for a convenient harvest and to maintain a size just right for the home orchard setting!

Tips For Care

Fruit trees require full sun, so provide at least 6 hours of sunlight per day, favoring the drying power of the morning sun.

Provide ample water for young trees while they are establishing, then reduce watering to moderate, yet consistent moisture during the heat of summer and when fruiting.

Plant in rich, organic, well-drained soil, adding compost and manure to further enrich the area if needed. A thick layer of mulch helps retain soil moisture as well as insulate the root system from heat and chill.

Situate in an area with good air circulation. Prune to keep an open canopy so that both sunlight and airflow reach the interior.

Emerald Beaut Plum Tree (Prunus salicina ‘Emerald Beaut’) Details

Common name Emerald Beaut Plum Tree
Botanical name Prunus salicina 'Emerald Beaut'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 5-9
Growth rate Medium
Harvest time 3 - 5 years
Height Standard: 15 - 25 ft.
Width 15 - 20 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Widely Adaptable
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time When Dormant
Flower color White