Espalier Tree For Sale

Fantastic Specialty – Espalier Edible Grafted Apple!

  • Expertly Crafted by our Fruiting Plants Team
  • Multi-Grafted Selection
  • Features 6 Popular Varieties of Apples in 1!
  • Granny Smith, Gravenstein, Honeycrisp, Red Delicious, Rome & Red Fuji
  • Pruned Flat & Ready to Tie Against Sturdy Wire Trellis
  • Successive Seasons of Fresh Fruit
  • Fresh Eating, Baking, Cooking, Juicing, Canning & Keeping
  • Self-Pollinating
  • Beautiful White Blooms in Spring
  • Pollinators Galore
  • Specimen Tree & Focal Point!
  • Perfect for Edible Landscaping & Small-Space Gardening
  • Full Sun – Direct Sunlight
  • Showy Feature for Screen or to Ornament a Wall
  • Popular, Cold Tolerant Selection of Apple Varieties

You’ll love this special option! Our fruit experts are thrilled to offer a ‘pre-pruned’ Apple tree for flat Espalier culture. This ancient technique of specialized tree training allows you to train any sized tree into a space-saving and unique form that we’re sure no one else on the block has yet!

A perfect choice for small orchards, home gardens of all sizes, tight space gardening, dual-purpose edible landscaping, Espalier is fantastic looking and adds a high-end look to any garden! Espalier Edible Grafted Apple (Malus Apple ‘6 Way’) includes:

  • Granny Smith – A tart, green pie apple, holds shape when cooked!
  • Gravenstein – A red & yellow heirloom, sweet-tart for fresh eating, baked & cooked.
  • Honeycrisp – A red & greenish-yellow apple, sweet & juicy for crisp fresh eating!
  • Red Delicious – A bright red apple, mildly sweet, crisp – fresh eating & desserts
  • Rome – Round, tart red & perfect for desserts & cooking, holds shape well!
  • Red Fuji – Red & yellow-green, crispy, crunchy & juicy sweet all-purpose use!

This unique, custom grafted plant features six selected varieties of Malus domestica (Granny Smith, Gravenstein, Honeycrisp, Red Delicious, Rome, and Red Fuji) that are beloved for their great taste. You’ll get all six growing on one healthy rootstock for a one-of-a-kind landscape showpiece. Grow it on a wire trellis to gain easy access to all the developing fruit.

Best of all, this is a multi-grafted tree that brings together some of the world’s most popular varieties together. Plant and maintain one tree and you’ll grow all-purpose apples for every family member and every application.

Start picking fresh eating apples in the early season and don’t stop until the late season. We’ve carefully chosen pollination partners that ripen across many weeks.

In early spring, the gorgeous, fragrant white blooms attract pollinators galore and the lovely method the branches grow in an orderly tiered pyramid are ornate year-round!

How to Use Espalier Edible Grafted Apple In The Landscape

Espalier Edible Grafted Apple delivers a successive harvest, extending your fruiting season all autumn! These hard-working varieties pollinate each other and ripen across the growing season.

It doesn’t get much easier for the savvy backyard gardener. Enjoy homegrown apples for every purpose, whether snacking, cooking, baking cider or keeping.

Start off with early Gravenstein for a wide variety of uses, including baking, cooking and cider. Mid-season, super sweet Honeycrisp fruit is excellent for fresh eating, juice and added to salads.

Later in the season, you’ll harvest beautiful Red Delicious for sauce and fresh eating. Queen of Baking Rome apples has dense flesh for terrific pies.

Round out the season with Red Fuji for baking and cooking. Finally, harvest the versatile greenish-yellow keeper Granny Smith for fresh eating, baking and canning for use in wintertime.

Enjoy homegrown apples for every purpose, whether snacking, cooking, baking cider or keeping. Even sunny balcony gardens and rooftop gardens can grow this tree! Perfect for high-density gardening, edible landscaping and even large container gardening, the choice is yours with these space-saving garden plants!

Create a magnificent outdoor dining room with Espalier ‘walls’ by edging your private spaces with several of these magnificent trees, or training other fruiting varieties to match this one!

Fantastic and unique privacy and screening, try them along a fence or wall to enhance or hide what lies behind them. Or, create a free-standing support structure for an incredibly ornamental choice.

It’s amazing how attractive it is to grow a fruit garden along trellises, walls or fences…you’ll love this passion project!

We hope your mouth is already watering just thinking about the pies, cobblers and crisps! Homemade fruit truly adds a spicy tang of satisfaction to all your baked goods.

#ProPlantTips For Care

Plant Espalier Edible Grafted Apple tree in full sun and well-drained loam where it gets great air circulation. Add Garden Center Point Root Booster while planting for a life-long symbiotic relationship with the tiny feeder roots.

Consistent access to moisture is necessary for fruit trees, especially young trees just getting established. This ensures the best harvest and juiciest crop possible! A generous layer of mulch helps retain soil moisture as well as insulate the root system from heat and chill.

Preferring well-drained soil that is never soggy is essential. For best results, fertilize your tree regularly with Dr. Earth Fruit Tree Fertilizer or a good organic, slow-release fertilizer. Add compost to your planting site to add higher organic matter to the soil.

Read our Garden Blog and watch the YouTube channel for step-by-step pruning tips and tricks. You’ll squeeze every bit of value from your sunshine with this traditional craft of Espaliered trees.