Eucalyptus Plant

The Silver Dollar Eucalyptus is so popular because…

  • It fills up your whole yard with a delightful fragrance
  • Grows up to 6-8 feet per year!
  • Is perfect for cut arrangements around your home
  • Resists diseases and repels pests!
  • Is one tough plant- Drought-Tolerant, Deer-Resistant & Very Adaptable

Colorful & Fragrant

The Eucalyptus’ silvery blue foliage is very unique, and fills your whole yard with a sweet aroma. Many people enjoy bringing this fragrance indoors with beautiful cut arrangements… just snip off a few branches and bring them inside. Very popular with florists!

The fragrance from the leaves is present in your yard year round. You even get white spring flowers!

A Natural Pest Repellent

Perfect for pet owners! The eucalyptus scent is sweet to us, but fleas and ticks hate it! We’re finding more and more pet owners who swear that their eucalyptus plant repels the pests that annoy their pets. You can even clip off a few branches and place them where your pets sleep for a chemical-free pest repellent.

Very Drought-Tolerant and Deer-Resistant

The Eucalyptus Tree is one of the few evergreen shade trees you can find. It is very fast growing, and adds color to your landscape all year long. It’s low maintenance, will adapt to different soil types and climates, and is resistant to pests and disease.

Your tree comes in a short bush-like form, but grows very quickly… up to 6 ft. per year! Tolerates drought and is cold tolerant down to zone 7b or in a protected zone 7a.

Once it is established in your soil, you won’t have to worry about watering it. The Eucalyptus is right at home in desert conditions and thrives on neglect.