First Editions Chapel View Japanese Cedar (Cryptomeria japonica ‘PIICJ-I’)

First Editions Chapel View Japanese Cedar

  • Dwarf evergreen
  • Year round interest
  • Maintains its color

For those who love the Japanese Cedar Tree, but don’t have room for its huge stature, this First Editions’ Chapel Hill variety offers those desired features but in a more diminutive form. First Editions® Chapel View™ Japanese Cedar (Cryptomeria japonica ‘PIICJ-I’) also improves upon the traditional Japanese Cedar in other ways.

While some cultivars acquire reddish-bronze needles for winter, Chapel Hill retains its color. Its needles maintain their vibrant, emerald-green coloring (with just a hint of blue shading), from one spring until the next. The unattractive, brown cones that sometimes plague cedars haven’t been seen on the Chapel Hill variety, yet another improvement over its larger relative. All in all, this lovely dwarf cedar will provide you with a beautiful, raindrop-shaped tree with lovely, upswept branches and gorgeous color all year round.

Your First Editions Chapel View Japanese Cedar is a dwarf, evergreen tree with an upright form and compact nature that grows naturally beautiful, but is amenable to pruning if you so desire. It does well in both full sun and part shade and is both disease and pest resistant. Plant one for a gorgeous, year round accent in your front yard, or several in a side yard to ensure both beauty and privacy.

First Editions Chapel View is a Japanese Cedar variety with a great deal to offer. It combines all the incredible value of a traditional tree, with additional improvements, and on a much smaller scale. Try one today!

First Editions Chapel View Japanese Cedar (Cryptomeria japonica ‘PIICJ-I’) Details

Common name First Editions Chapel View Japanese Cedar
Botanical name Cryptomeria japonica 'PIICJ-I'
Hardiness zone 6-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 5 - 10 ft.
Width 4 - 8 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture Well Drained
Soil condition Widely adaptable
Pollinator-friendly No
Leaf color Bright blue-green