First Editions Iceberg Alley Sageleaf Willow (Salix candida ‘Jefberg’)

First Editions Iceberg Alley Sageleaf Willow

  • Incredible Silver Foliage
  • Rounded Form
  • Fuzzy Yellow Catkins with Showy Red Stamens in Spring
  • Nectar for Pollinators
  • Cut Flower Arrangements
  • Tolerates Wet Soil
  • Extremely Cold Hardy

Make a cool-toned splash with easy-care First Editions® Iceberg Alley® Sageleaf Willow (Salix candida ‘Jefberg’). You’ll love this rugged, rounded shrub as a silver-frosted accent.

Wispy, silver-leaved Willow leaves are impossible to ignore. Their silvery-blue color may look frozen, but the leaves will shimmer and shake a flashing dance in your yard.

Iceberg Alley is a special cultivar of a native plant. It was found in frigid Newfoundland and Labrador, and can handle any cold the United States might toss its way.

Add a marvelous look to low-lying areas of your yard. Weave them into your mixed plantings as an exquisite iced layer of color.

This tenacious plant sparkles in the springtime. On par with Pussy Willows’ dramatic display, Iceberg Alley produces attractive catkins at the ends of branches.

Trim a few of the upright branches for cut flower arrangements indoors. You’ll love how the red stamens “pop” against the tiny yellow flowers.

Honey bees appreciate their nectar, too. This is a wonderful plant to include near a Victory Garden if you want to bring those beneficial pollinators to visit your tomato plants and Cherry trees.

In full foliage, Iceberg Alley Sageleaf Willow will stop you in your tracks with their icy color. Fuzzy leaves catch the sunlight and twinkle as they shift back and forth in the breeze.

Add a marvelous sense of kinetic energy in your plantings. You’ll be so pleased by both the sight and gentle sound of the wind moving through the dramatically striking foliage.

Its dense and compact form makes it perfect for a specimen plant to add color to a small yard. It grows in damp soils, so can be a valuable wetland garden accent and used in Rain Gardens.

Iceberg Alley Sageleaf Willow is the perfect ornamental addition for tough areas in your landscape. You can even grow them in containers to decorate your balcony!

How to Use First Editions Iceberg Alley Sageleaf Willow in the Landscape

Leverage the unique, silver-colored foliage to great effect in a mixed border. They contrast so well as a layer in front of burgundy-black foliage shrubs like First Editions® Fireside® Ninebark.

Create a solid low hedge by planting them 30 inches apart on center. You can also choose to repeat them as individual plants along the length of your border with at least four feet of space to spread.

These eye-catching, formally rounded shrubs look amazing in foundation plantings, as well. Line either side of your sidewalk with a hedge for a very special sense of entry and a huge boost of curb appeal.

Iceberg Alley is a great choice for a swampy area where other plants struggle to survive. This Willow loves water, and can be included in a planned Rain Garden to filter polluted runoff water before it hits the storm drain.

Another use for this noteworthy cultivar is in Easy Gardens. Low-maintenance Iceberg Alley Sageleaf Willow can be used in a long sinuous curve near your patio seating area.

Rest and relax with family and friends, listening to the susurrus sound of the slightest breeze playing through its upright branches. Let your creativity soar with this selection!

Plant them in large outdoor containers on either side of your front door. They develop a very sophisticated shape and easily elevate the tone of your property.

Commercial property owners can achieve the same visual impact. Make the most of any dip or hollow on your land with these easy-care, silvery beauties.

Tips for Care

Plant in full sun for the best performance. They look incredible with at least six hours of direct sunlight a day.

It thrives in most soils, including those that stay moist or wet. This valuable plant is worth its weight in gold when designing a lush habitat in low-lying areas.

Provide a moderate amount of water on a regular basis. Mulch over the root system to keep the soil cool, but pull it back away from the stems.

Every third year after flowering is done, cut to renewal prune the oldest stems down to ground level. You’ll leave the youngest, thinnest stems in place to take their turn to shine.

Exceptional performance and handsome good looks are what you’ll get when you plant Iceberg Alley Sageleaf Willow.

First Editions Iceberg Alley Sageleaf Willow (Salix candida ‘Jefberg’) Details

Common name First Editions Iceberg Alley Sageleaf Willow
Botanical name Salix candida 'Jefberg'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 2-6
Growth rate Medium
Height 3 - 6 ft.
Width 3 - 6 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Tolerates Wet Soils
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Flowering
Flower color Silver, Red