First Editions Jade Parade Sand Cherry (Prunus pumila ‘UCONNPP002’)

First Editions Jade Parade Sand Cherry

  • Incredible Spring Flower Display
  • Tiny Blooms Cover Each Branch
  • Five Snowy White Petals Surround Brilliant Yellow Stamens
  • Butterfly Magnet
  • Fine-Textured Leaves Are Glossy and Blue-Green
  • Fiery Yellow, Orange and Red Fall Color Display
  • Tiny Black Fruit Feeds Songbirds
  • Grows Low and Compact, But Spreads Wide
  • Unique Upright Habit
  • Drought Tolerant Once Established
  • Extremely Cold Hardy

Bring a marvelous sense of energy to your landscape with the low-maintenance First Editions® Jade Parade™ (Prunus pumila ‘UCONNPP002’ PPAF). This ornamental groundcover shrub works hard all year-long!

Keep it as a low hedge, or use it in a mass planting in your front yard or backyard. You’ll enjoy a noteworthy flowering, fruiting and fall color display.

Just like Forsythia shrubs or Eastern Redbud trees, this cold-hardy selection is covered in blooms in spring. Every branch is extravagantly frosted with tiny blooms that last for weeks.

Dainty spring blooms are composed of five white petals around an accent of electric yellow stamens. You’ll see plenty of butterflies and beneficial pollinators, who appreciate these nectar-rich early resources.

Willow-shaped leaves come on quickly to bring a soft texture to your planting. All season, their blue-green hue adds an ocean-inspired touch to the beautiful kinetic branch structure.

The flowers of spring turn into late summer fruit. These small, dark cherries are so relished by local songbirds, you may not even get a chance to spy them!

Jade Parade Sand Cherry is a giving plant that brings a positive balance to the sum total of your landscape design. How nice to know that your thoughtful choice supports both pollinators and songbirds!

You’ll never get tired of these wonderfully useful plants. They stay low to the ground, but spread wide to help you create a decorative landscape feature that draws the eye of all who sees it.

That eye-appeal is highlighted in autumn, as nighttime temperatures start falling. Watch as the fine-textured foliage morphs from blue-green to a riotous mix of harvest yellow, pumpkin orange and fiery red.

Even after the spectacular fall color leaves drop, Jade Parade provides a sculptural accent for winter interest. Upright branching grows in a broadly vase-shape, giving an impression of movement as it catches and sculpts light snowfall.

How to Use First Editions® Jade Parade™ Sand Cherry in the Landscape

Make the most of your existing garden assets and hardscape. Line either side of a wide sidewalk with a double avenue of Jade Parade in mulched beds for a grand sense of entry.

Lift a circle of lawn and install a mass planting of Jade Parade around a Tree Form Rose or Tree Form Hydrangea from our topiary experts. Edge with sophisticated stone pavers and get ready for the compliments.

To create a solid low hedge, plant three feet apart on center. Plant additional rows behind it in a staggered, zigzagging pattern to install a mass planting.

Cover ground with these lyrical groundcover shrubs. Run them as a delightful edging plant on the sunny side of mature shrubs that may have grown a big “leggy” at the base.

You’ll get your weekends back with this contemporary design choice. A continuous Jade Parade Sand Cherry hedge delivers an intriguing formal contrast with its organic momentum and fine-textured foliage.

Add structure to your landscape design with this selection. A time-tested professional secret to make the landscape live large is to create a series of smaller garden rooms.

Line an informal badminton court or corral backyard soccer practice with an open rectangle of Jade Parade. Flank either side of a generous opening with container gardens filled with Mom’s favorite summertime flowers, or a pair of columnar evergreen trees.

Because they are ruggedly waterwise once established, Sand Cherry also makes a great addition to rock gardens. Decorate the bottom of a retaining wall where reflected sunlight gets bright and hot.

These could also be grown in garden troughs or rectangular raised beds. Imagine a sleek patio planting or urban balcony amplified by the desirable ornamental charms of Jade Parade.

Tips for Care

Plant Jade Parade Sand Cherry where it receives full sun. They need at least six hours of sunlight a day for flowering and fruiting.

Well-drained soil is essential. Elevate your planting bed to improve the amount of drainage your shrub receives.

Apply a moderate amount of water on a consistent schedule for the first season. After that, apply supplemental water during long periods of hot, dry weather.

This is a long-term planting and your order should include Nature Hills Root Booster. This provides a symbiotic relationship that supports the smallest feeder roots as they access micronutrients from the soil over the entire life of your shrub.

Protect your investment with a three-inch layer of wood mulch spread over the root system. Pull it back away from the stems.

Wait to prune until the flowers are done, as this selection blooms on old growth. Prune to shape at that time by reducing the length of wayward branches. You’ll cherish these outstanding groundcover shrubs.

First Editions Jade Parade Sand Cherry (Prunus pumila ‘UCONNPP002’) Details

Common name First Editions Jade Parade Sand Cherry
Botanical name Prunus pumila 'UCONNPP002'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 3-7
Growth rate Medium
Height 2 - 3 ft.
Width 4 - 6 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Low Once Established
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Flowering
Flower color White