Flaming Carpet Sedum (Sedum ‘Flaming Carpet’)

Flaming Carpet Sedum

Fun groundcover creates incredible color at your feet! Make a statement to spark conversation with the exquisite Flaming Carpet Sedum (Sedum ‘Flaming Carpet’)! With hues from cool-toned powder blue to bright burgundy red … all the way to brilliant yellow!

Flaming Carpet Sedum uses an expert 3-in-1 approach by mixing the incredible ‘Angelina’, ‘Blue Spruce’, and ‘Voodoo’ Stonecrop varieties to add an incredible amount of outstanding color at ground level in one fell swoop! You’ll be amazed at their showy visual effect, and so will your visitors.

All season, you’ll love the fantastic color play of blue, purple, and bright yellow foliage, composed of soft needle-shaped, succulent leaves. Flaming Carpet Sedum also produces ornamental red and yellow star-shaped blooms for months to delight butterflies and bees!

The fall color display is likewise spectacular! As the temperatures start dipping in autumn, the foliage fires up into electric orange, vivid yellow, and moody purples. Count on their reliable performance year after year. Go ahead and give them your toughest, sunny spots to tame with their lavish foliage and blooms.

Flaming Carpet is extraordinarily cold hardy and can even keep color through the year in mild winters, even remaining semi-evergreen throughout the warmer zones of USDA hardiness zones 3 to 8! These sun-loving plants are durable and rugged. These perennials may even display a bit of that bold color under a topping of light snow!

These carefree plants are nicknamed “Stonecrop” because they require very little care once they are established. Perfect for beginners, the only thing that can harm a Sedum is watering too much.

Planting and Application:

Make your outdoor entertaining areas live large! Include accent plants at ground level and gain a wonderful color mix at the base of your plantings. Focus on the ground-level details to complete your layered plan. You might be surprised to learn how much of an impact these energetic, petite perennials will make! They also easily polish the edges of your plantings to decorate your space. Especially along pathways and walkways (Carpet Sedum won’t mind light foot traffic!).

These low-maintenance succulent groundcovers spread wide without fuss to create a nice, dense mat that suppresses weeds. Let them cover bare ground to soften the look of your planting beds. Achieve a consistently dynamic look by tucking these low-growing plants throughout your landscape. This tried-and-true designer secret makes all the difference between amateur and professional design styles!

Use them on the south side of larger shrubs and perennials. Run them as a bold edging in your garden beds. Or plant Flaming Carpet Sedum at the top of a retaining wall, or in specially created planting pockets in the wall itself. Rock Gardens and crevice gardens become gorgeous additions to your landscape! Pair with Hens n Chicks, and other Creeping Stonecrop varieties to complete the look!

Because Sedum thrives in drier soils, is a welcome addition to the rugged conditions of the average sun garden, thrives in the harsh hell strip, and is recommended for use around the fire-wise landscape! Fill a wide bare area with a cunning little mass planting. Space them four inches apart on center, measuring from the center of one to the center of the next.

Commercial property owners can also make a big splash with this colorful groundcover. Use on eye-catching projects such as rooftop gardens on outbuildings, birdhouses, and covered alfresco patios! Plant them to fill in around a path of stepping stones. You’ll love their vivacious look, and grow to appreciate their tough-as-nails nature.

Add this vibrant filler and spiller to any outdoor container or planter to act as a colorful skirting and filler to hide the bare soil. You’ll add a pretty finishing touch to your container gardens while reducing moisture evaporation from the soil and keeping the roots of your focal point plants cool! They make a memorable display in low-slung outdoor window boxes, too. Decorate your side tables with the outstanding color. Allow them to spill down to soften the edge of tall planter tubs. They look great at the edge of raised garden beds, as well!

  • Wild Mix of Three Best-Selling Sedum Varieties
  • Bright Yellow, Powder Blue & Burgundy Red Foliage
  • Electric Fall Color
  • Creeping Stonecrop With Succulent Leaves
  • Compact & Tight Growth
  • Lush Mat Suppresses Weeds, Container Spillers, Fillers & En Masse Groundcover!

Tips for Care:

Please give perennial Sedum a planting site with at least six hours of bright light a day. More sun means more color and a tighter form. They do best in well-drained soil, so if you suspect poor drainage – create a raised planting bed to improve your drainage. Don’t overwater your succulent Sedum. Supply them with a consistently low amount of water, and allow the top inch of soil to start to dry out between watering.

We recommend that you protect your investment with water during an extended drought, giving in-ground and container plants a regular schedule of supplemental water, as well. Sedum is a water-wise perennial but does appreciate a 3-4 inch layer of arborist mulch around the root zone to keep more moisture consistency in the soil.

Plan to gently remove any spent foliage in early spring just as you begin to see new growth. Trim to control the outward spread or rebalance the coloration at that time, as well. Every few years, it’s recommended to divide your clumps to maintain vigor (plus you and your friends can enjoy free plants!), otherwise, these plants are very low-maintenance.

  • Easy Care in Full Sun
  • Thrives in Almost Any Well-Drained Soil – Poor Soil Tolerant
  • Regular Moisture At First – Drought Tolerant/Xeric Once Established
  • Prune Down Early Spring
  • Cold Hardy & Heat-Resistant
  • Deer Don’t Prefer the Taste

Flaming Carpet Sedum (Sedum ‘Flaming Carpet’) Details

Common name Flaming Carpet Sedum
Botanical name Sedum 'Flaming Carpet'
Plant type Perennial
Hardiness zone 3-8
Growth rate Medium
Height 2 - 6 inches
Width 12 - 18 inches
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Low Once Established
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Pink & Yellow