Florida Prince Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘Florida Prince’)

Florida Prince Peach Tree

Rosy blushed fuzzy fruit, the Florida Prince Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘Florida Prince’) is a delightful early-season Peach with incredibly fragrant fruit and flowers! An ideal peach for hot climates and mild winters, these lovely trees produce golden, juicy and flavorful fruit with little to no work from you!

Florida Prince announces spring with drifts of lavender-pink blossoms that flutter in the breeze and perfume the air! Pollinators will be rejoicing as these open and so will you! The long green leaves fill out the entire tree’s canopy and cast dappled shade while providing a wonderful backdrop to the fuzzy glowing peach gems with a predominant rosy red blush to their skin!

Peach Trees are fantastic home orchard additions and modern peach has a world of versatility and adaptability! The fruit is a bit smaller than what you’d find in a store, but the homegrown goodness is unmatched by anything you’ll find in the produce aisle! Producing early in age and early in the season, warm-climate gardeners can enjoy fresh peaches as early as June! Kick-off summer with peach pie, smoothies and juicy treats while basking under the shade!

Planting and Application:

Peach Trees are fantastic shade and accent trees! The flowers and fall color, plus the delightful fruit add so much to the landscape and to your curb appeal when planted as a front yard specimen! Self-fertile, you’;ll only need a single tree to enjoy a large harvest!

Florida Prince is mid-sized and welcome by about any sized yard! Plant as a shade tree or garden accent, or prune smaller for easy harvest and to tuck into any sized garden, yard or orchard! You’ll love adding dual-purpose edible landscaping plants that benefit your home’s curb appeal and your family’s food sustainability!

  • Sweet & Juicy Yellow Flesh
  • Yellow Fuzzy Peach Blushed Mostly Rosy Red
  • Self-Pollinating Semi-Cling Peach
  • Mid-Sized Early Producing & Early Harvest
  • Fragrant Pinkish-Lavender Blossoms

Tips for Care:

Peach Trees thrive in the full sun and do best in well-drained soil, enriched with plenty of organic matter and moderately moist. Fruit trees also love a thick layer of mulch and supplemental water during times of scarcity.

  • Full Sun
  • Moderate Yet Regular Moisture
  • Enriched Well-Drained Soil & Mulch
  • Prune When Dormant – Easily Keep Under 10 Feet
  • Low Chill ~150-200 Hours

Florida Prince Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘Florida Prince’) Details

Common name Florida Prince Peach Tree
Botanical name Prunus persica 'Florida Prince'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 8-10
Growth rate Medium
Height 15 - 18 ft.
Width 10 - 15 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained Soil
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Late Winter
Flower color Pink