Forever Red Coral Bells (Heuchera ‘TNHEUFR’)

Forever Red Coral Bells

Think of that area in your landscape where you would like to jazz it up a bit with a bright red color. Forever® Red Coral Bells (Heuchera ‘TNHEUFR’) will be your new go-to plant. Forever® Red has the reddest leaves ever on a neat, mounded crown. These leaves are cut and somewhat ruffled and the color is reddest in the spring and fall when the temperatures are cooler.

Once midsummer comes around this plant sprouts up 14-inch spikes of white flowers that erupt from red stems, with red buds and are so surrounded by red that they look pink! What a show to behold! Forever® Red is not only a beautiful plant but you will enjoy watching it attract the attention of bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds!

You won’t have to worry much about rabbits and deer as they tend to leave this plant alone. Hardy throughout USDA growing zones 4 to 9, these Coral Bells grow 7 – 14 inches in height when in bloom, and spreads to a leafy mound 12-14 inches in width.

Planting and Application:

This versatile plant can be planted just about anywhere. Plant them as edging plants, in Rock Garden, mass plantings, sun or shade gardens, mixed borders, and as nice elegant plants in the front of any border. Fantastic skirting around structures, flagpoles, and mailboxes, the bright red foliage lights up a tired foundation or staircase leading to your home’s front door.

Forever® Red looks great when paired with Forever® Purple Coral Bells or other Vivid Coral Bell selections! Mix and match throughout the shade garden or in mixed planters on the porch for an elegant and vivid combination of saturated colors! The dainty blooms and vibrant foliage looks great in the garden and in your indoor floral arrangements too!

  • Textured Ruffled Deep Red Foliage
  • Dainty White Flowers & Elegant Slender Stems
  • Blooms June Through August
  • Elegant Evergreen in Warm Climates
  • Pollinator-Friendly & Lovely Cut Flowers
  • Specimens, Border Accents & Bright Container Focal Points

Tips for Care:

Plant Forever® Red in the full sun in cooler climates, full shade in hot climates, or part shade anywhere in between, and watch it thrive! This plant requires well-drained soil and medium moisture. Add a 3-4 inch thick layer of mulch around the base of your plant. It can be evergreen in the warmer climates, and in colder regions simply pick or snip off any dry or brown leaves in early spring, to allow fresh new foliage to develop. Other than that, these herbaceous Perennials are low-maintenance!

  • No Fade Color in Full Sun or Partial Shade
  • Adaptable to a Variety of Well-Drained Soils & Conditions
  • Herbaceous Perennial – Evergreen in Warm Climates
  • Urban Environment Tolerant & Shrugs Off Heat & Humidity
  • Very Easy to Grow & Deer and Rabbits Leave it Alone

As you are planning out your garden think of adding more colors of Coral Bells, Hostas or any other shade-loving plants to compliment your new Forever Red Coral Bells

Forever Red Coral Bells (Heuchera ‘TNHEUFR’) Details

Common name Forever Red Coral Bells
Botanical name Heuchera 'TNHEUFR'
Plant type Perennial
Hardiness zone 4-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 7 - 14 inches
Width 14 inches
Sunlight Full Sun, Full Shade, Partial Shade
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Pinkish White