French Tarragon

  • Botanical Name:Malus domestica Redfree Cultivar
  • Size:Potted
  • Zone:5 – 8 (-10° F.)
  • Pruning:For the initial pruning: The customer can cut back the whip to where ever they prefer their first scaffold branches to originate. Where you want this depends on the planting site. Regular pruning is done from December to February.
  • Comments:Kit consists of 1 each of #66080: Apple, Red-Luscious, Li’l Big, 1 1/2 – 2′; #68397: Premium Fruit Tree Kit; and #68607: Tree Support. See items for specifics.
Tender shoots and leaves with peppery,anise-like flavor and a hint of vanilla. A gourmet favorite for seasoning meats, sauces and piquant wine vine gars. Easy-care perennial grows 2-3 ft. tall; spreads slowly.Potted plants. Not available in CA, OR, WA.